Margarita with a straw – Uninhibited sexuality and why I loved it

There are good movies and then there are movies that get you to witness a beautiful and thought provoking journey, absorbing you into a world of its own, and maybe leaving you with answers that you seek to find.

Needless to say Margarita with a straw left me with goose bumps, a contemplative state of mind and most importantly, a few answers of my own.

The Plot as I perceived it – Well it is a tale of uninhibited sexuality, an extra ordinary take on a journey of a young girl(Laila) afflicted with cerebral palsy, who cannot get her physical body to perform any independent activities. But she has an unboxed mind, a passionate spirit, a curious body, and an insatiable need to be loved and accepted. The movie is a melting pot of the various emotions ,a glimpse into day-day relationships, and the world around a person affected with disabilities. Key themes of the movie

The world of cerebral palsy – The limitations it imposes on the physical body. The glass wall that seperates the one affected from those who are not. My key take away from it, it is not only the journey of the person who is suffering from it, but it is the family, loved ones, who take a lifetime to accept someone with disabilities.  Their urge to protect and nurture them, somehow obstructs the individuals journey towards acceptance and self-reliance.

The hues of Friendship – In one of the segments, Laila kisses a friend, another cerebral palsy patient. A choice driven by curiosity and raging hormones.  Giving you a glimpse into the comfort shared by two friends, that help s one take liberties of a different kind.

Unrequited love – Laila falls in love with a normal lead singer of the band.  And he rejects her.  Breaking her heart , getting her to accept her  reality and helplessness, denting her spirit but she learns to pick herself up and move on with life.

The world of Bisexuality – Well, they say you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. In this case, Laila kisses a boy, man, a married man, makes love to a woman hoping to find love and true communion. Inspite of being in a stable relationship with the woman, Laila continues to find the void and through her journey of giving into follies and impulses, she discovers her bisexuality and is unapologetic about it. She does not let her insecurities, loneliness and fleeting comfort be the reasons to stay in a relationship and marches on with life.

The relationship between a mother and a daughter – It’s a movie much ahead of times atleast in the Indian scenario, A mother faces her own battles while providing unconditional love and support to her daughters unconventional choices in love and sexuality.  Ulitmately, Laila realizes the  love she had for her mother, after she loses her to death.

Sex , physical pleasure or making love . Maybe that’s the big deal about it, Finding someone who can make you come alive in every atom and molecule of your body, lose your inhibitions , and make you fall in love with your own body, the only thing that is truly yours. More like finding yourself in the somebody’s arms.

Maybe the only answer to finding love is finding yourself, nurturing it with love and affection, before extending it to someone else.

Go ahead , watch the movie for stellar performances by Kalki , Revathi and  the fantastic direction by Shonali Basu. And if you ‘d like to, maybe we can discuss this movie, over a Margarita with a straw someday.images


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  1. I have to watch this one soon!

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