Fifty Shades of Sonia

So I am tired of attending interviews and putting my best foot and my best words forward, my  plastic smile on, giving the snooty interviewers  answers they want to hear, and most punishing of all , is trying to bat my eyelashes and laugh at the dumbest jokes possible.  Baah..things that I have to do to make a living.

Anyways before I could slip back into identity crisis, I decided Ill make a list to keep it real in my world, Read it if you have absolutely nothing to do. Fifty Shades of Sonia , things that make me the nut I am, things that make me tick ,and the never ending things that I would like to do.

  • My brain functions only in two ways- Absolutely obsessed or utterly uninterested.
  • I can sulk and recollect every little misery I had in my saga of doom since I was two
  • My innate need to please everyone is as involuntary to me as my breathing.
  • The world in my head and the world around me are usually two different places.
  • I am always accident prone ( either I fall or my phones do).
  • I make to do lists and never ever stick to them.
  • Sometimes my span of attention is worse than that of a goldfish.
  • Sometimes I can be a blabbermouth and a gossip queen around boring people
  • I hate to cook
  • Cook for me, give me food and you are my best friend
  • I am not good at keeping in touch and almost everybody around me will complain about me

not returning calls or missing in action periodically.

  • I prefer to get lost in my cocoon if I cannot make sense of anything around me
  • I always cheer for the underdogs in any team.
  • I clean like a maniac while thinking through stuff
  • I pick up a fight with my loved ones when I am bored
  • I dont drink water unless it is bottled or from home
  • Travelling for me is the destination and not the journey, if it is not comfortable and luxorious, Id rather stay at home and I always proclaim to be a bohemian
  • I am super lazy and can live without twitching a muscle if I have to.
  • I sit to write when i cannot stand up to live.
  • I can never make up mind about my favourite colour or favourite food.
  • I can solve almost all scrambled words without a pen.
  • I cannot for the love of God, add or substract double digits without a pen.
  • When I get angry with my loved ones , I write very long emails to them.
  • I can be uber possesive about my loved ones.
  • I am supersensitive and critical about myself.
  • I hate my nose.
  • I hate making small talk over the phone.
  • I hate shopping for clothes.
  • I hate routine of any kind.
  • I dont like short men.
  • I am stupid around witty intelligent men
  • I admire strong intelligent women.
  • I love to read.
  • I love to dance
  • I am not a pleasant morning person.
  • I hate cats .
  • If I could , I would castrate all child abusers/rapists.
  • I love to read letters (unfortunately no one writes to me these days).
  • I can cry at the drop of a hat.
  • I cannot have a good nights sleep if I yell at someone.
  • I need external validation all the time, be it work or home
  • In my dreams, my loved ones are either dying or getting on jet planes.
  • I want to learn to speak and think in French
  • I want to learn to play the violin
  • I want to drive Caveman and my friends around the town in a jeep.
  • The Caveman is the only one who can live with the madness of my two juxtaposing personalities
  • Someday, I want to recreate my childhood home for Caveman and me. A simple country home with lots of trees and greenery around me.
  • I love swings and would love to spend all day in one.
  • If I could I would like to have an elephant for a pet.
  • My greatest fear is losing my loved ones to death

About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

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