Heart won

Head lost

Ego bruised

The journey of two years led me nowhere

I sit here, wondering,

Wasn’t it meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel?

Then why did it turn out to be a speeding train coming to bulldoze

Me over

Sombre thoughts manifest in my restless mind

Wasn’t it simply a wish to belong to the masses

Find a promising career and chase my dreams

And yet  it only got me moving in circles

As I sit here and count the scars,

These tortured thoughts scream louder

A mind filled with dreams is now filled with chaos

Maybe out of chaos comes order?

Standing at the precipice I wonder

I hope something good comes out of this

That erases out the pain

Till then I feel like

A bird whose wings have been clipped


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

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