The month that was January 2015

It was a bitch of a month, with increasing workload, dealing with conflicting opinions,rising expectations, constantly pushing me out of my self imposed comfort zone. However, as I write this , I realise ,that my life has changed so much or maybe, I have changed so much, I’ve grown, become more confident, more brave, and in many ways more truer to my self.

Here are a few traits  that i have discovered about myself and the key lessons in life that I picked up:

1.  Life isn’t fair but it is all good . The Universe keeps pushing me in the direction of following my dreams in its own unique and sometimes hard ways.

2. If I want to be a writer, all  I need to do is write.

3. I have learnt that I can be fragile and strong at the same time . Fragile – because I feel stress and intense emotions in ways that can really damage me.  Strong- Because I can manage to accomplish so much in spite of the drama in my head.

4. Sometimes all that matters is getting up, dressing up and showing up, to build trust.

5. When hungry- eat, when tired – sleep, and always exercise, especially on the days when your whole body and mind protest against the idea.

6.  I have learnt that I can stand up to any bully and be in charge of any conversation, if I wish to.

7. I can network and manage myself in social situations without coming across as a marginalized wanna be.

8. I cannot sleep without the symphony of Caveman’s thunderous snores, and his presence at home, settles and comforts my inner being.

9. That my friend Tumpi Shome, reminds me that fitting in is not my thing. Truly pushing boundaries and keeping the balance alive is what I truly thrive on.

10. Love is not the root cause of all evil, expectations is

11  I should never let the odds keep me from pursuing my dreams  in life and in love. And the best in me happens, only when I feel truly loved and cherished.

February 2015 _ I hope you get to bring out the best in me, and hand me over the much needed opportunity, to get out of the rut, I am in at work. Give me some face time with friends and family back home. Most importantly, bring me closer to the person I was in 2005 – The Babe in total control of herself .

And for those of you reading this, have you checked out my new post on Linked in. Would love to hear your views


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

2 Responses to The month that was January 2015

  1. Aditi Mathur says:

    My months has been a bit like this too, so I hear ya sister!
    Great read. Found you on Indiblogger and totally addicted. 🙂

  2. Love is not the root cause of all evil, expectations is.

    So true!

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