Writing to me ..is

Writing to me is 

Thinking through my fingers

A soothing balm to my screeching soul

A pathway to my inner freedom

A passion that defines me

A reassurance that I am made for better things

A glue that holds my broken pieces together

A weapon which crushes my self-doubt

A way to rekindle my inner spirit

A conversation with my inner intuition

An orgasmic pleasure and I don’t need a reassuring cuddle or a nap afterwards

A dream that I continue to keep chasing

Sonia Anoop

17th January,2015


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

5 Responses to Writing to me ..is

  1. chinks says:

    Could completely relate to the poem. Writing indeed is a weapon that crushes our self doubts. But orgasmic pleasure with no cuddles and nap to take afterwards? Lol! That was hilarious.
    Yes, writing does me an orgasmic pleasure too. Also Eating lays classic salted;)

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Hey thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Lays is another passion of mine and 2015 is going to be putting writing above all my passions. Hope to see you more often here

  2. Fawzia says:

    Yes it’s all these things amd more .. You still managed not to write for almost a year.. Please remind me to beat the crap out of you next time I meet you… No more excuse for not writing and not reading..

  3. Beautiful poem. You echo few of my thoughts.

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