When it rains it pours

Yes, it does,  like the beautiful monsoons in Bangalore, My life has been flooded with new developments and echoes the title of my post today – When it rains it pours..

Remember the time when I used to rave and rant about having too much time on my hands. Well, It feels like a distant memory now and definitely marks the end of an era. It swept past by me with a Whoosh .. And I can feel the chaos preceding change trying to overtake my life.

As I sit here, writing this post, I can barely keep my head still, trying to avoid getting distracted from the various things clamouring for my attention and action at this moment.  To say, that I have been busy is an understatement, and I wonder how, all the super women, manage to juggle so many balls and yet not drop the ball on any of them. I have been on those juggling sprees for the past two months and am yet to rise up to the occasion, and  learn to love  the fine art of maintaining the balance.

What keeps me busy, you ask? – My attempts of trying to have it all ..

Work –  Unlike last time,Taking one step at a time on this slow, steady, non-intimidating journey of earning and learning.  I feel good to pick up my bag and head out , eager to lock horns with projects  to finish at work.  And when things get too hazy, KP’s gem of an advice – “there is no substitute for hard work” keeps buzzing through my head.  Each deliverable that I have churned out for the past two months, kept me on the learning curve, and I feel blessed to be able to get clear achievable mandates  and folks who are willing to see me through the learning process.

At home – Well, you know my stance on hating to waste precious reading/writing/gardening  time on cooking, running errands and keeping house.What can I say, I am one those pseudo control freaks who  wouldn’t want to lift a finger to clear a mess but would love to crib  endlessly. I  get emotionally drained looking at a visual clutter at home. And well, the frustrations over having to clean up after Caveman and the maid ( you get the picture ) takes over me and I know that, sooner or later, I will find a solution for it. A solution which does not involve more hired help.  Any advise is welcome and would be of great help.

Weight loss – Remember the Fugly post , Thanks to the consistent bouts of sickness and the persistent efforts of a new man in my  life ( My yoga trainer), I have been able to shed miniscule amounts of fat and can’t wait to scream from the rooftops that , my layers of fat are slowly being chipped at .The only bump in the journey of weight loss is trying to distract myself from the temptations lurking in every corner, the amazing food court at work, the discovery of several new restaurants and the constant grumpiness. I am not a happy person to deal with ,when I can’t give in to my cravings.. Will get there eventually  I hope, Being denied food and still managing to be my chirpy self.

Ahem..the news of the year – It’s an added dimension in my responsibilities, but it fills me with joy. My in-laws have finally offered us an olive branch. And we, as a unit, got accepted  into their lives, after all these years. The fact, that we no longer feel isolated is yet to sink in but yes, it definitely opens up our lives to more of extended family from Caveman’s side. It feels good,  when I watch Caveman interacting with his parents and I learn more of his childhood, more about him, from a different perspective, or note where he gets his looks or quirks from.  And through it all, I feel  a deep sense of relief and gratitude . We have been able to mend fences and slide over to the other side. Where there is less of guilt and a plethora of new bonds to strengthen and cherish. Embarking on a new journey and delving into a new world altogether albeit like a new bride .

Writing –  The only thing that I hate to give excuses for,is my absence on the blog or not being able to write . And thankfully I have been able to write, and manage to  give into those sporadic bouts of creativity. Thank you for all your love and comments.  And most importantly, bearing with my silence to your comments. Please be assured that  I read each one of them and I will reply to all of them shortly.

Gardening –  I have been able to spend some time pottering around and it gave me my moments of calm and serenity. And while on that , Did you get to see my new post on Banana Peppers on my other blog. Please do send the blog some love .and while I am there, Thank you Bee and Joanne for the liebster award for Pitter Potter. For those who havent seen the blog, Joanne gives you some reasons to visit: 

Ok enough of catching up now, let me get back to juggling . And while I am doing that, here’s a thought that always brings a smile my face . Picture courtesy Google.



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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

13 Responses to When it rains it pours

  1. Harsha says:

    Wow Looks like you have been doing a lot of things to keep yourself busy….Great Going Good Luck in handling all those in efficient way.. 🙂

  2. Gowri says:


    My smile knows no bounds as I read your post…

    A big tight hug…

  3. Joanne says:

    So happy to read your family fences have been mended – may all the love in your family grow and sustain you with happy memories for more than one life-time 🙂

  4. tumpishome says:

    Wow…you are doing good…managing so many things…really happy for you

  5. Phew! so many activities! glad to know that you are enjoying every bit of it. would love to visit your other blog! enjoyed the read!

  6. KP is so right. BTW, I love your other blog, have stumbled few times through Indi. Good to see you all happy.

  7. kebhari says:

    Great post like this must be highly recommended. It is so nice to read such wonderful blog.

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