Girls just wanna have fun.

Writing for the Indiblogger Ambipur contest and envisaging my perfect road trip seems to be the perfect end to a dreary weekend.

My perfect road trip, is a trip where I am with my soul sisters, with their bundles of joy .( A lil one and four furry babies) all huddled together in a Volvo Campervan sponsored by Ambipur. Maybe a lil bit like the picture below:


Where each kilometre is marked by giggles and light banter. And my headspace feels light,with the sense of unencumbered freedom. Breaking away from the monotony of routine, a break from the shackles of duty and responsibility. And being with people, who demand very less from me.

And all this on a day very special to all of us – The fourth of August which is celebrated as Friendship day. And we decide to travel together, fulfilling a long cherished dream, driving down from Bangalore to the place right after our bohemian souls – Puducherry ( Pondicherry)

The dream team all set to blaze the National Highway.

The Driver – FV at the wheel is the perfect driver and leader of the trip. Having been incharge of our spinster soirees, indulging our foot looseness yet being the watchful and most responsible person around.

The Navigator -TS is the perfect navigator and will put any expensive navigating system to shame with her navigating skills. She is also the official Packer. She packs really light and packs in quite a bit.

The entertaining Passengers – VA and I (Sonia) are the ones who will add our entertainment antics, VA with the worst PJ’s ever and I with my arsenal of fat jokes.

The co-passengers – The doggies will follow in the covered trailer attached to the Campervan. And Vivaan, VA’s lil boy, the only male member will be made to dance for every song.

With the roles defined, all we have to worry about is  Yours truly. Yes, I hate to admit, but I am just not a cheerful traveller. My asthma and severe claustrophobia usually gets everyone around me jittery.  So TS suggested we take as many breaks as possible enroute so that the doggies and Sonia can be aired adequately .

As expected , with the soul sisters, there is no screaming, no picking up after, just a schedule and all of us bang on time. Now the expected bump with the doggies –   FV’s babies (Joey, Simba and Cleo ) are a bit too friendly and Jenny ( TS’s baby ) is a little too territorial and doesn’t like sharing her space.

Somehow after a lil bit of cajoling and trying out different permutations and combinations of settling in, the doggies were all set to go.

As we got into the van – the musty smell the doggies bought into the van was overwhelming, it is the monsoon as well. So FV suggested  that we use the Ambi Pur Car Vanilla Bouquet Air Freshener. Then all heads turned to Sonia again. The asthmatic who hates strong fragrances and any overpowering fragrance gets her allergic rhinitis in swing..FV said that she has been using it with the babies and they love it. The best feature of Ambipur is the Intensity Regulation which will allow Sonia to control the fragrance intensity. And it will eliminate any strong odours as well .Sounded like  a plan.

The route and the itenary

Leave from Hosur at 6 am

Get enroute the lovely four laned roads tolled but so beautiful to drive, bump free for the babies and our caravan

And in the background – Adele sings out her heart and four of us keep humming along.

We reach Krishnagiri and it was time to fuel our stomachs and the babies needed some walking around to stretch their legs.

For the ladies, the man in the mundu at Mathur served yummy dosas and chutney. And the  babies walked around

And with a few more breaks , with the doggies enjoying themselves , and Vivaan with his antics. We had the wind in our hair, and our never ending stories made the distance disappear. Tales of how we miss each other, bonding over people we dislike, Nostalgia and all the stuff, girls time out is made up of. Sonia did not experience any claustrophobia because the air smelt so fresh and the fragrance was consistent.

From Mathur, we took the two laned road between Krishnagiri & Tiruvanamalai .

A brief stop there..and we noticed Vivaan giving us his naughtiest smile. Oh and the mothers love is tested when she has to change the stinky diaper. We sure wished we had the home range of air fresheners from Ambi Pur handy to dispel the diaper demons.

After a bit of leg pulling, We escaped into our fragrant abode for now, the campervan. And we reached Pondicherry through the Gingee Road which was beautiful and scenic and thankfully devoid of potholes.

And inspite of the long breaks , we reached Pondicherry by one pm. And the campervan finally had some rest.

The destination as expected was beautiful. Giving a new meaning to the term, A French Rendezvous. The warm beaches, the   roads paved with  colonial style buildings with high ceilings and tall windows. The French Architecture stumping us with their beauty. The beautiful amalgamation of the East and the West at Auroville, a trip through FV’s childhood. FV is from Pondy, so every lane had a story and we felt like we were transported to her childhood during our time there. Smooth winding highway and  a flavour of us in Pondicherry – Beaches and though living a dream



The doggies had a good time too , walking around the beaches, enjoying the attention , the freedom of vast spaces ..And we saw the ice maiden Jenny thawing too and finally making an effort to mingle with the cuddly Joey.

The two days we spent there was beautiful , enriching our lives, strengthening our bond and most importantly giving us the time to catch up with each other’s lives. Late night conversations, walks , sharing beds, clothes, and the lovely female bonhomie that I miss and long for everyday. A lifetime of memories packed in two beautiful days. Giving us our element of adventure by travelling with four dogs and an enfante terrible..yet cherishing every moment of the journey.

And while we travelling back with a heavy heart,  Sonia stocked the campervan  with, Packs of Ambi Pur Car Pacific Air Freshener and Ambi Pur car perfume aqua..And keeping her inner shopaholic alive, , Makes a mental note to check out the fragrances at on her Samsung Galaxy S4 courtesy Ambipur. Dreaming of the comfort and the  fragrance of the car which was inviting yet calming just like a trip to the spa. Eliminating odours and recreating olfactory memories..

Warm nuzzles from the doggies, Vivaan’s joie de vivre, The complete letting go of my self and just the feeling of being looked after, felt so refreshing . Several warm hugs and teary goodbyes later, I am jolted from my dream journey and wonder..Isnt that what journeys are all about,, a chance to explore the world with your world..where a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”(quote by Tim Cahill)


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

4 Responses to Girls just wanna have fun.

  1. You’re lucky Sonia. I wish I have such company to travel with us. It sure sounds a fun trip. All the very best!

  2. KP says:

    That was one exciting fragrance laden trip.Nicely written.Best wishes.

  3. Fawzia says:

    Awesome as always.. Perfect use of the product..pls write a book, I beg you!!

  4. Rajesh says:

    Exciting trip.

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