Caveman and the Earworms

Caveman is a Music snob and is generally found listening to Jazz or Carnatic music . He was a flautist several decades ago. Yes, Caveman with a flute..Picture that..

So, he turns his nose up and tries hard not to smirk at the kind of music I listen to. I have no qualms in admitting, that there is a perverse part of me which responds to the weirdest of songs. The kind which gets music connoisseurs  gasp in disgust, or flip channels right away. But I am one of those, who has the spirit of a taxi driver trapped in me. I let the song with its weirdness grow on me, playing it in in my head and humming it for days and sometimes week’s altogether.

And like this wasn’t bad enough, I tend to pass on the ear worm to all those around me. Like once I listened to Amma,hum  the Beedi Jalaile  song to herself courtesy your’s truly, braying it in loop mode through the day . Or have FV shut me up after having heard Dil Me Baji Guitar or Fana for you, for the umpteenth time . The near and the dear cannot escape the mutilating and devastating effect of my earworms.  Frankly I don’t understand my fascination to the Dhinchuk Dhinchuk and weird corny lyrics nor do I care . They just pop into my head at the most inopportune times and coupled with my restless imagination, get me out of sticky situations

For example- Caveman is the smart Alec who never loses any argument. He has the innate ability to stump me with effin logic for all kinds of problem ever. However of late, I have discovered my arsenal which makes him blush a shade of beetroot red and walk away . For once I get the pleasure of having the last word or in this matter, the last song.

So generally the scene at home these days:  I smell a potential time bomb ticking and I get my act ready.

Eg : Caveman in a stern voice- Why was this purchase not discussed with me?

Sonia – her Fat Panju aunty tone – Seene mein jalti hai armanon ki arthi,
Arrey what to tell you darling kya hua.
Arrey sapne dekhe jannat ke,
par mitti mein mil jaen,

Tauba Tera Jalwa, Tauba tera pyar,
Tera Emosanal Attyachaar!

Caveman –  Would not know how to react and walks away

Eg 2:  Caveman – Why?????????????

Sonia – blocked out the rest of the question, getting into a jig and singing:

Fire brigade mangwa de tu
Angaaron par hai armaan
o balma, o balma..

Caveman – Stumped literally  ..Turns crimson red and meekly walks away

And the earworm moment of the year goes to..

Overhearing Caveman prepare for a  strategic presentation meticulously and blurting out ..Hua Chokra Jawaan Re ..Hhheee.courtesy me .. doing the Gauhar Khan Ishazaade equivalent the previous day.

Current flavour of the week is a song after my heart as though written for me,dedicated to the one and Wonly My Dearest Caveman

Lazy Lad Lazy Lad Saiyaa from Ghanchakkar

Lett ke sofe pe killaan gaade

Plasma tv kaa mukhda taade

Lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan

Lo kar lo baat..

Kaam ki baaton se palla jhaade

Bewajah kismat pe yeh bill phaade

Are lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan

Lo kar lo baat..

Listen to it at

And  if you are wondering, the post today was a daily prompt by wordpress written in a antihistamine +Corticosteroids induced stupor coupled with insomnia ( Damn you allergic rhinitis)


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

8 Responses to Caveman and the Earworms

  1. Gowri says:


    You make my day Sonia…

    To read your post , smile and actually recreate your life in my head, my own way!!!!

    Please keep more of these coming in…

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  3. tumpishome says:

    I am liking the song “one two three four …get on the dance floor”…typical auto rickshaw song

  4. Like someone would say, “You are my Soniyaa….” (K3G). Thoughtful piece.

  5. Fawzia says:

    I remember the Jalebi bai phase! Hilarious.. Well written!

  6. Harsha says:

    That is really a nice and funny read… 🙂

  7. You are a girl after my own heart. I love the lazy lad lazy lad sayeean too and shared it on my Facebook status saying the lyrics will speak to all married women. Well, the post was immediately deleted by my daughter whose account was open on the laptop at that time and she did not feel secure enough to announce to the world that her sayeean was a lazy lad too. Oh, the benefits of being much married and more importantly, the husband not being a face booker!

  8. LOL! Lady you are so like me. This week when Alok came home late from work, I opened the door and started singing, ‘Mera piya ghar aaya, ho ram jo…’ 😛

    BTW, your husband is very talented. I have immense respect for those who play instruments.

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