Compassion Day – 28th June ( I Lead India)


He was my personal sunshine, the one enthu cutlet, who would keep me laughing inspite of the stress of Uttar Dakshin and Travelnet. He toiled hard and always strived to keep everyone around him happy. He was our driver and one of the key members of our entrepreneurial ventures. From running our 24/7 cab service, waking up at the crack of dawn and receiving guests at the airports with a smile, or being their coveted tour guide. He was the most popular among our drivers, our covert sales man always on the look out for more business. He was someone who could be relied on and did not need to be motivated or prodded to work. His colleagues loved him . And so did my family and my friends.

He was with us for over a year and then came the change. The change that we could not decipher. The once cheerful man, turned morose, angry,impatient and bitter. Not thinking twice to be rude or question authority. The change was steady and in spite of incidents of deliberately ignoring the impudence, things were getting difficult to handle. He started calling in sick at the most crucial hours, or not showing up regularly, or turning up with the most ridiculous ways of calling in sick. I had enough of him and I  had to fire him. Succumbing to the needs of being an entrepreneur, the one that keeps  business above everything else.

However in a matter of two months, We got news that he passed away at the age of 37 leaving behind his wife and three kids. If we had cared enough to find out reasons behind his erratic behavior, We would have known that a brain tumour was actually taking him away from us minute by minute.

Not a day passes when I wished things would have turned out differently for Mateen.  I wish I would have been less indifferent and a bit more tolerant. If I were to turn back time, I would probably send him for  a thorough check up or grant him a leave of absence on health grounds. I wish I did something for him while he was alive than letting him go. And treating it like a professional relationship which reached a logical end.

I wish I could, but then like crying over spilt milk, realization dawned but a little too late.

So when I saw the TOI campaign of India compassion day, the tagline, “They need our compassion not our indifference”, it struck a very sensitive nerve and hence the post today.

If you are one of the several people caught in the hustle bustle of day- day lives and :

  • Are the kind who grumble under your breath when your maid calls in sick
  • Or Are the one who turns a blind eye to their frail self or their diminishing stamina
  • Or been the one, who cares two hoots for their lives as long as they turn up to work

Remember there is a Mateen out there, whose life would have been saved if I had taken a moment to do something which was within my reach.

Times of India and its partners have made this day of compassion a boon for all Indians, By offering these services for the underpriveleged with the least bit of hassle.If you are interested in  getting your hired help life insurance, a routine eye check up, or a health checkup or a savings account .  Today is your day.

July 28th is a week day, but I urge you to empower your help with the offerings from wonderful partners of TOI.

Heres the link for further information.

And PS:  I urge you not to use any of these initiatives to buy their loyalty. Extend your hand to them out of compassion, and extend a few  priveleges that our upbringing and education have given us . Endeavor to make a change to the lives of people around us and remember all of us were taught in school – that the waves of change begin at home. So go on, Bring a smile to all the people who touch your lives by offering their services to improve the quality of your life.


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12 Responses to Compassion Day – 28th June ( I Lead India)

  1. ksbeth says:

    This is both sad and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this story. Peace, beth

  2. Fawzia says:


  3. aamjunta says:

    “They need our compassion not our indifference” – 100% true. Our indifference, the chalta hai attitude is killing. Nice post.

  4. Things like that happen sometimes without our knowing them. But then, it becomes incumbent on our part to mend our ways and change our mind-set. Thanks for sharing.

  5. vvpvijay says:

    Wonderful campaign from TOI and nice article

  6. good topic…very well written

  7. Sorry to hear about him. Yes, we need to be more compassionate and help those in need without any selfish interest. Others are human too.

  8. Arpit says:

    Nice campaign and a good topic to discuss about……

  9. che boopathi says:

    i am want to lead a good and youth india

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