It happens only in India

Been a while since we have been on the Highways. The Xylo is tired of the intercity travel and I am getting restless to escape from the city  for a weekend at the least.  While I scratch the itch, and find devious ways to sell the idea of an impromptu vacation to the Caveman. Take a look at the  few pics that I clicked on our way back from Hyderabad in April this year.

Where Men and cattle flock and travel together with ease :


A traffic jam of a different kind:Image

Stay tuned for more updates ..

This is my contribution to the ABC Wednesdays.


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21 Responses to It happens only in India

  1. KP says:

    This a clever way of making Caveman fall in line with youVery interesting pictures.i want you travel much.

  2. I love the sights you see on the Indian highways…always good to have your camera ready 🙂

  3. Its amazing to think of that as I sit here near London with not a cow in sight. We have lost something over here, in the connectivity with the cycle of life

  4. magiceye says:

    🙂 Nice captures Sonia! Look forward to accounts of your trips!

  5. aamjunta says:

    Thats why it is called India 🙂 unique every where and unity in diversity.

  6. True, this happens only in India 🙂

  7. aparna says:

    missing all these moments here 😦

  8. sushmitha06 says:

    Nice captures Sonia 🙂

  9. Nice pictures. This can happen only in India

  10. Jiggyasa says:

    Hahha..this is the picture almost everywhere in India..herds of livestock jamming the roads/highways for hours. The title aptly suits this post 🙂

  11. Yes, this cannot happen elsewhere!!!

  12. kaustubhjoshi says:

    Waw, that’s awesome. I do see such snaps while I visit near by villages.

  13. Traffic jam of a different kind is quite common in my part of the country. Interesting shot.

  14. vvpvijay says:

    Yep this can happen only in India, BTW nice pics

  15. Never knew that you blog and its really good. Super like.

  16. Aian Ramos says:

    the bull’s horn are quite scary 😉

  17. Ugly Nikki says:

    Those are rather interesting sights..

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