Book Post – Sophie says – True Chicklit and absolute humour


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Judy Balan the authorWoman and a quarter blog written by Judy is one of my  all-time favourite blogs. Her sassy and dry humour laced with sarcasm keeps me amused, entertained and waiting for more. Inspite of being a tad disappointed with her earlier book, Two Fates, I went ahead and bought her second book  intrigued by the authors Facebook page.  I am not the one to give up easy on someone who seems to be one of my flock. And this time, Judy did not disappoint and has truly come into her own.

Sophie Says – the book – is the memoir of a self-confessed commitment phobic girl who has supposedly mastered the art of break-ups. In the first few chapters of the book, she delves into the intricacies of romantic break-up’s defining roles and boundaries for the breakers and the breakees. Doles out break up gyaan on her blog after quitting a cushy monotonous job. Lives in Chennai, calls herself Sophie Tilgum, the anglicised/French version of Thilagam, and is single and clueless at thirty. Staunchly believing that she was born to be single, she tries to lead a rebellious life, dating as she goes, living away from family and is perpetually trying to defy societal expectations. She believes in kissing frogs and breaking up with them, not in the hope of finding Prince Charming. But for the thrill of breaking up and finding new theories.

Lurking in the background is a friend, Yatan, whom she has a long standing crush on and with whom she has shared a few, on and off tender moments. Enters Ryan, the fake boyfriend who was brought into the picture, to shut up the extended retro family. And all hell breaks loose when the break up coach discovers, she is falling in love not with one, but with two of them simultaneously. The book ends with the reader feeling that, they have just witnessed Sophie’s choice all over again.

Buy the book to know her choice, if the synopsis above piques your interest. You will not regret the buy if you love well written chicklit, prefer funny comedies and superlative wit, as much as I do.

What I loved about the book – I could relate to most of Sophie’s predicaments about her confused social standing, A Roman Catholic from a South Indian family, the kinds who walk down the wedding altars in sarees and believe that gold ornaments go with everything. The kinds who go to convent schools and are perpetually the Indian born confused Videshi’s. She paints a pretty realistic picture of urban Indian women in their late twenties. Unlike other Indian chicklit, she keeps it true and talks about the double standards of societal norms, of blah blah auntyhood and our innate need to keep them happy. Of best friends who abuse their rights and fall hopelessly in love with married men,or be weepy breakees .Judy weaves quite a romantic tale with a dose of friendship thrown in good measure. The book comprises of small funny chapters, like an episode from your favourite sitcom, or a hilarious yet relatable blog post. Made for great light reading material and I would recommend it anyday for all the confused souls in love and in life.

Funny quotes from her book which got me thinking nevertheless

  1. Opposites attract but only to torture each other
  2. Facebook always complicates relationships
  3. You don’t know anyone till you break up with them
  4. Animals are geniuses at breaking up.
  5. And her funny titles- The crotch whisperers and the green eyed monster

Buy the book at

And if you want to have a piece of her humour, read her interview here on book geeks which is so Judy.


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6 Responses to Book Post – Sophie says – True Chicklit and absolute humour

  1. Admire your review; it’s flawless, call a spade a spade about the book and the author. Recently I read about the book in ‘The Hindu’ and it prompts me to pick up the book.

  2. She looks someone you can love. Went to her blog, love the quotes from her book. Certainly a good read. Would love to read both her books. 🙂

  3. Great review – and write up about Judy Balan. Made me want to check out her blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. vvpvijay says:

    thanks for the review will read this one

  5. Brett Daniels says:

    My wife’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been looking for a few good books to get her. This sounds like one she’d love. I just bought her another one called “Secrets of a Spiritual Guru” by Tamara Lee Dorris, It sounded like it’d be a good summer read, and I think she’s already taken it to her book club. Thanks for this review and suggestion, I’m going to look in to “Sophie Says”.

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