Caveman, Love and the two wheeler

Caveman, Love and the two wheeler:

Our love story began a decade ago when I was jobless and bitter with the whole world. And there landed up this man mountain at my doorstep on a blue Bajaj Chetak with a Cadbury Temptations chocolate in his hand, trying to rekindle old forgotten friendships. And that day had another surprise in store, the much awaited job offer materialized. I took this to be destiny’s clue and clung to him like my life depended on it.

We did the proverbial good friends dance for quite a few years and Hamara Bajaj formed an important part of our story. All around me, people wondered, how I could date a man who rode a scooter while his contemporaries were either driving cars or flashy motorbikes.  But I found the whole idea irresistible and considered it a part of his offlandish charm, caring two hoots for what the world thought of him or his mode of transport.  He would pick me up and drop me often, coming over to spend his weekly day off’, picking me up from work and taking me out for impromptu lunches. He had the kindest eyes ever and inspite of my erratic social behavior, like going off the radar once in a while, he stood by me. He would take me for long walks or take me to the airport at four in the morning for a morning cuppa. Or talking about our lives and ambitions, watching the planes on the runway from a distance. Slowly but steadily, worming his way into my heart and life.

I realized that I was in love when I saw a blue scooter pass by and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation. The Chetak , I thought symbolized him, so modest and yet reliable and uncomplicated, just what I needed  back then, to neutralize my toxins. There were fun moments too on board. Back then, I was puny, and I could hide  behind his sturdy frame to escape the sudden evening showers. Or escape the windy breeze. We loved long rides and eventually I bought my own two wheeler , my Scooty , and got him to be on the pillion always , this would ensure balancing and maneuvering are taken care of . Fun times, combined with the heady rush of puppy love, the wind in my hair and  the mushy feeling in the pit of my stomach. So, I think, I still associate love and romance with the two wheeler.

Cut to present day, Last week, I had borrowed a two wheeler in a bid to get independent. And the Caveman suggested we re-create our old memories.  Riding down memory lane, taking advantage of the  lovely weather over the weekend.  The hopeless romantic me stuck in a time warp, imagined the same rush of emotions but then learnt a new lesson along the way that I should let nostalgia be ..for old times sake..

want to know what happened , read further

Lesson 1 – Watch our combined weight when we sit on a two wheeler.

Both of us have quadrupled in our girth since we last rode together.  So the poor Honda Activa creaked under our combined weight struggling to go beyond 40 kmph. Well the Japanese surely thought of Indians as having the same weight as them,when designing this scooter.At that speed, you can forget  wind in the hair, all you get is weird looks from  riders on the road. Two fat people on a scooter which refused to move forward. We sure provided some good weekend entertainment to some folks in Bengaluru. Good deed done for the year – check

Lesson 2 – Watch out for the bumps and our bums

With my progressive keratoconus, I have turned  blind as a bat. So couldn’t distinguish the unpainted speed breakers from the roads in namma Bengaluru, each time I rode over without slowing down.Poor Caveman had to scream out loudly in the choicest of words,and I would be like “oh Blimey, was that a Bump”. By the time, we  returned, his posterior was sore and his back was singing a tune, only he could comprehend. LoL

Lesson 3 – Don’t call the traffic police constable –Uncle

I am still the one stuck in a time warp, when the traffic cops stopped us for riding without a helmet. (so much for the wind in hair) . I had thought I could still pull the tried and tested trick of my twenties, putting my sorry face on and saying, “Please Uncle  Swalpa adjust madi ” . The moment, I uttered those words, Caveman cackled away uncontrollably. Not sure if it was at my valiant attempt at conversing in Kannada,or something else .Looking at the horror on constables face, realisation dawned.

I am no longer the cute twenty two year old that left Bengaluru ,I am a fat aunty, squinting away calling a forty something cop “Uncle”. Naturally the cop was going to throw a fit, and asked me to display all the possible papers, a bike can possibly have. So we coughed up a fine for not wearing a helmet and returned with a giggling Caveman. On returning home Caveman made sure each of my family, extended family and friends are narrated the story in explicit detail, till I had to remind him of the cost he was incurring trying to relay the same story multiple times for a  hearty laugh.

So much for love and the two wheeler..


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

26 Responses to Caveman, Love and the two wheeler

  1. LoLLy 😀
    Hilarious… The way you started I was so prepared for a boring old rom-com, but you carried the story like a champ. It kept me intrigued till the last moment.
    Well written 🙂

  2. Gowri says:

    This post made my day dear…

    I am laughing my guts out…

    Loadsa love…

  3. Our Jaipur says:

    Very Nice read. I really liked it “Aunty”. . . 🙂

  4. Sfurti says:

    Haha….this was cute and hilarious 🙂

  5. Malini says:

    Hey this was one awesome story… a laugh riot!

  6. I don’t do that often but Awww…This is so sweet and super romantic. I wish you posted the picture of hamara bajaj. Sounds so like my husband who used to come on two wheeler to my place when we got engaged. He was doing MBA and we were broke. 😛 2008 recession, even the best schools in country failed.

    And, I agree with the speed thing. 😛

  7. Fawzia says:

    Nicely written.. I remember your scooty, took a ride on it too.. Caveman series is going to be a hit book!! Btw Blimey is a new Irish pub in Blore…

  8. Tina Schell says:

    Wonderful story, I can definitely see the picture you created. And how much you still love the caveman! Come to my South Carolina, helmets at not required!

  9. EllaDee says:

    Wonderfully funny, and I could see myself in your place on the scooter, which just made it funnier 🙂

  10. My spouse will have to drive me around. 😀

  11. ksbeth says:

    brilliant and beautiful, i look forward to reading more – thanks for reading and following mine as well – beth

  12. chaitanya says:

    Hilarious! I laughed my way right till the end!
    An ancient Hero Honda CD100 was our cupid, and riding thru Bangalore excites me even now…maybe we shouldn’t try to recreate that memory after all…

  13. Uncle..swalpa adjust maadi .. 😀 😀 😀
    very funny. Your narration style is perfect.I was almost giggling at every line.

  14. HIlarious! I loved your tongue-in-cheek look at yourself. Can’t wait to read more posts. Still giggling…

  15. As expected…caveman series rocks

  16. shovonc says:

    Tell us more.

  17. winsomebella says:

    You tell a great story :-). My favorite sentence here: “Slowly but steadily, worming his way into my heart and life.”

  18. Rajesh says:

    I loved every bit of this.

  19. A very pleasant read indeed…….

  20. Who says that romance is a hing of the past. My word! it was there , kicking and alive in every sentence of this post and every bruise on your bums 🙂

  21. Aditi says:

    Wow….love your narrative!!
    I was goin awww at all the romanticism in the starting and then bam you took it to a whole new level!!

  22. Reema Sahay says:

    I landed here through Parentous, and I am not able to leave. This post made me laugh so much. Really lady, you have a way with words.
    And I must also add that when I was reading about your love for books, I felt as if I had written those words. I am a book hoarder too 🙂

  23. AnElephantCant help thinking
    This is some crazy stuff you have created
    You may be slightly mad
    But please don’t be sad
    AnElephant thinks sanity is vastly overrated

    Loved the post!

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