Message in the bottle for Amma

‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with‘ – Reblogging it with the permission of Blogadda because a tribute to my mother definitely needs a wider audience . For my mum on mothers day and forever.

My Nascence


I am turning into her-

And I am surprised that life has come a full circle. When I watch my teen niece, give me the, Haven’t you been young  look, when I chided her over something.  The look unsettled me quite a bit because through her seething indifference, I could see the twelve year old defiant me doing the same thing to Amma.

Growing up, I never could understand Amma’s emotional unavailability (so I thought) . She was not the touchy feely kind and I never knew what a hug meant. She never made a song and dance about my achievements or  pamper me to death.  I hated the fact that she would always be around, reminding me of the consequences if I chose to do something that wasn’t her way. She was someone to be feared and that bred an emotional gulf between us . Raging hormones ,the complicated…

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