Because good always vanquishes evil


Magical Laddoos, mystical arrows, weapons brandishing  fluorescent luminous  lights with dazzling effects, radiant  princess, travel to exotic lands, princes with valor, an army of mythical half human -half animal demons trained by a Voodoo Witch, the conquest of a mountain by a team of underdogs and the ultimate victory of good over evil.

That’s  how the  magical story goes, in Chota Bheem and the throne of Bali.  And the evil witch of an aunt (aka me) took the nephew and the niece to the movie for vested reasons like free airconditioning on a hot sunny afternoon, two hours of peace and, a bit of deja-vu of a life among adults. I have been trapped with two hyper-active kids because the sister is away  welcoming another baby into the flock. The movie is a Green Gold Animation  production and is dear to me because of  the motherland connection. Mera Hyderabad Mahaan. Yes, can proudly say Hyderabad is churning out world class animation.

For the ignoramus’es out there, Chota Bheem is the only Indian animated super hero idolized by the little ones . An immensely popular television series among the kids and the movie is the seventh one of his adventure series. The theatre  was filled with tiny tots of all ages with their mums and dads in tow.  Guffawing away at the silliest jokes, opening their mouths with disbelief and awe at the amazing animation, they seemed to be amazed at the tale that never gets old, The superhero rises to the occasion, saves Bali, the promised land from the evil clutches  of Rangda the evil witch and her army of Leyaks.( all characters incorporated from the folklore of Bali) . And this time, Chota Bheem has a new sidekick, the arrogant but brave Arjun, the prince of Bali who takes a while to warm up to Bheem and his gang.

The movie is no classic like Jungle book or Shrek or Madagascar, but it’s a brilliant effort at animation and visual effects. Indian animation has come a long way and, I believe this movie is by far its shiniest star. The  glitches in the movie were the shoddy voice overs which did not fit in with the characters. And you know somethings amiss, when Shaan( the Bollywood singer) was  lending his voice for the title song Bali , Bali , Bali Har Tharaf Hariyaali  for  the king. Close your eyes, and you can imagine an Aamir or Salman Khan crooning it. And yes, definitely the lack of a decent script and the need of some serious editing, because inspite of the sheer idolization, the kids felt the movie was a little too long for them. And, chaste hindi words like Nipunn , Parantu is over head transmission for the one’s who don’t speak Hindi. Inspite of the glitches, the makers of the movie packed in a punch with the anticlimax moments thrown in the fabled war, where you almost gave up hope, before Chota Bheem and the mystical Laddu saves the day and Bali.

An extremely popular franchise, Chota Bheem  warmed its way into the kids hearts and emptied the wallets of many anxious parents over their merchandise.  Got arm-twisted into buying Junior Horlicks for the Chota Bheem sipper, and not to forget the clothes. Don’t believe it. Take  a look at these two monkeys grinning from ear to ear with their T-shirts.


And the kids are never tired of browsing through the Chota Bheem website and this fantastic cool  app called the Photo Booth where they can click their pics with their favourite characters.So here’s sending  more fluoroscent power to Indian animation and characters.


Kids and TV –  Enough said about Chota Bheem,  I believe there is a serious dearth of good entertainment content for kids these days inspite of the 24/7 cartoon channels . The high pitched, dubbed Japanese cartoons  in Hindi and sometimes Tamil – Shin Chan, Doraemon  and Nobita are serious dimwit  comedies and annoy me  to the core. I miss the good old days of restricted screen time with quality animation on Cartoon network. I had grown to love the characters Dexter and Dee Dee, Scooby doo, Power Puff girls , Johnny Bravo etc, while baby-sitting the older kids. Now, the mention of screen time gives me the yawns.  The only thing bearable is Chota Bheem which I let them watch, hoping they pick up some  Hindi. And the other one is, Art Attack which keeps me interested with their creative offerings.

Is there anyone who feels the same, or am I being a spoil sport  for not letting them watch these very adult  programmes like Shake it up,or insane comedies on that God forsaken kid unfriendly Hungama TV. A shout of help to all the mommies, seeking some tips on some quality screen time…


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10 Responses to Because good always vanquishes evil

  1. ritzy182000 says:

    oh thts a wonderful review…and u hav a great grip over the language…. 🙂

  2. Nice Review! Totally agree with you we seriously lag in terms of entertainments for kids. I think we are too afraid of market.

  3. My Say says:

    i need to make something for these kiddos … as popular as Chota Bheem 🙂 nice post !!

  4. sheela says:

    Your right Sonia….its only seeing and no thinking…they see and see till their eyes pop out.We too one day like Roald Dahl said, might find eyeballs lying on the floor.

  5. nice review have watched it a couple of times

  6. Sfurti says:

    Aww..Super nice. Can you believe it, I was about to review the movie 🙂 I totally agree with you…all cartoons are insane!! I resort to animal planet (My son loves tigers), Tarak mehta (Have no idea why he likes it)…and ofcourse Chhota bheem (Plus Happy meal -Chhota Bheem goody and Junior horlicks and etc etc )

  7. anjan roy says:

    Ha ha…it’s wonderful…i like chota bheem like any of the toddler roaming around and this is awesome…

  8. Meghana says:

    True Sonia, Chota Bheem has mesmerized kids like anything… My daughter never watched TV or cartoons before, i always kept her engaged with her toys, but nowadays even schools have started encouraging these cartoon movies, once in a week they have movie sessions. Now she has become fond of Chota Bheem..

  9. Neha Verma says:

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