Super women – knock me down

Cleaning ,Organizing, stocking the kitchen, running the house like well oiled machinery doesn’t come naturally to me. And inspite of the forced sabbatical and domestic bliss, I must confess I am still an amateur homemaker, struggling to book my LPG cylinder promptly, paying electricity bills on time, stocking the kitchen with  Namkeen , or planning grocery lists.

Matching bedsheets,  curtains, spotting cobwebs, periodic spring cleaning , liners in the dustbin, and all the wifey pre-requisites are  an acquired trait. So inspite of trying to stick to a routine,  slip ups happen, sometimes messy, sometimes negligible, but  mostly glares with lots of subtext involved are flashed.

Growing up, I had Amma and the sisters to clean up after my mess. And in Hyderabad, I was blessed with maids, whose only mission in life was to keep the generous mistress happy and smiling. And with the occasional visits of Amma, they were kept on a tight leash, and all was well when the Caveman had three  gourmet meals on time.  I would gloat with pride because I was too happy being the Chief of Staff for Caveman managing the chauffeur who doubled up as my man Friday, pushing grocery carts, booking lpg, paying bills, loyal loving maids who loved fattening us up, and the occasional spring cleaning men. Ohh I miss the pleasures of delegation, finding the right person for the job and being done with all the hoohaa of maintaining a home

The initial years , FV helped me set up my home, kitchen and broke me in literally, into the fine art of settling into marriage, maintaining a home and most importantly being a wife.  And I continue to admire the way she waltzes in her home juggling between being the perfect hostess, to keeping a spotless home, looking after the dogs, churning exquisite fare , helping her husband at work, and over all this, was ready to volunteer for an NGO. And then there is TS, who keeps a twelve hour workday, five days a week , manages to cook three meals at home. And put me to shame the other day in Hyderabad, chatting to me nonchalantly  between dusting  and cleaning,  on her only day off and telling me that cleaning is therapeutic , you must try it. And so bitten I was by that pearl of wisdom, I came home and sorted my messy wardrobe mentioned here. Caveman couldn’t believe his eyes and is still trying to get his head around the fact that I have an organized wardrobe, which is a first since he has known me. And I had no halo or spiritual nirvana after hours of cleaning, all I felt was tired, depressed for finding there was so much of stuff that dint fit me.  And there went, cleaning and therapy.. And you superwomen, stop raising the bar so high for lazy women like me.

So with my stint at Bengaluru and my hunt for the elusive right maid, I have mastered the following and if you want to exchange notes , you know where to find me:

  1. Dealing with last minute panic, and cleaning the house with less than half hour notice just when guests are about to arrive.
  2. Managing to find a decent maid from the monsters who came in to interview –  one demanding for covered parking space for her scooty, the other, wanting music to be played while she finished up with her chores, the other , trapping the poor pigeons from my balcony to cook up dinner for herself, the other who wanted me to equip my house with the latest gadgets.
  3. Getting delicious food on the table –Llike I always say- the secret to the best cooking is finding the right readymade mix. Lol or making an entire meal of leftovers, Kal wali pulao, parso waali bhindi and Thursday ka chicken.
  4. And inspite of all my shortcomings, ask Caveman, and he will swear to you , that he has the best wife ever on earth. Six years of tricking him into thinking that,. Quite an art I must say..

And in the interests of  full disclosure, if you are still reading this , or are interested in knowing more about me. Here are fifty things about the mad nutter called me listed here..(

And PS: The hunt for the maid is still on,  with the neighbor trying to poach mine.. Battles of the housewives.. I swear by Indane..( the Lpg provider) are worse than cut throat corporate races.


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

14 Responses to Super women – knock me down

  1. KP says:

    This fetish for cleanliness is anathema to me..This addiction to perfection with not a speck on any article is ok if one had an army of servants.In US house cleaners come once in two weeks but the place is not dust prone.There is no point in undertaking back breaking jobs for the counterfeit satisfaction of others including Caveman unless he also lends a shoulder.!!!
    You may not agree with me but I want the women to take things coolly.Cleanliness is not the sole preserve of womenfolk.

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Thank you Sir, I m glad somebody atleast concurs with me. Keeping house keeps me away from reading and writing and sometimes I feel like I could do without it. Caveman helps me out and also agrees with you.

  2. ROFL! I think we have adapted pretty efficiently. It’s not easy being a housewife, specially when you were so pampered before. After reading the four points, I am shocked. My family always had full time maids/servants and I vowed that I’ll never have one after marriage. I did so but with my old body I think I have to have one when I return to India. And, I will ask your help on how to deal with it and related problems 😀

  3. Rupertt Wind says:

    Interesting, really interesting

    Pages off Life

  4. Housework — what a waste of decent writing time. But not having a house at all, is worse than having a house that you occasionally feel beholden to clean.

  5. maria says:

    Best wishes for your hunt

  6. Life changes and we make efforts to match the change. I can connect well with your post as i too invested a lot of efforts along with my wife to match the curtains with the color of the wall n likewise stuffs. Its a complete fun I know…

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      I am still getting there . And need help matching curtains, but I agree with you, the transition phase is the most wonderful when everythings new. Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment.

  7. amasc says:

    Oh how I relate. It’s the unrelenting repetition that gets me. There’s a brief and insignificant satisfaction in producing a clean and ordered kitchen. Then you cook dinner and it’s a bloody mess again. Good luck in finding and keeping a SuperMaid.

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      I agree too, Its the repetition and the compulsive need to keep things in order, for the sake of appearances and the sake of good old hygiene at times which bores me to death. and like a vicious cycle, it goes on and on forever.

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