The Deja’-Chu” moment

I borrowed this line from FV and I must say I couldnt  think of a more apt moment to use it. The article here infuriated me and it took me some time to deal with the rage I felt . The rape capital has done it again and this time, it adds the  tag rape survivor, to describe a five year old battling for her life somewhere. Just because one ‘Chu**** couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Have we met him before , Yes we did in another form, Not long ago in December here when another woman battled for her life .The media made prophetic statements and squeezed as much TRP as they could garner. But this time, the barbaric act could put any of us to shame. Worst still, strike horror in the hearts of parents of little girls. My nieces are of that age, and the past couple of days, all I am doing is flipping  the channels or cover the newspapers where the gory act is described in detail. Do they need to know that dangers like this exist in the world? Yes they, do but could they be spared of the horrific details by the media.  Absolutely. When will our media stop sensationalising incidents ? I don’t know and now I am a little too drained to vent about them today.

And about the thirty five year old man, who inflicted  such pain on the little girl, and leaving her to die. Well, I don’t have words to describe the animal that you are. I think the animals are a notch better ,because they atleast strive to protect the fledglings of their species. I hope you are punished and get to bear all the physical pain you inflicted on the little one.

While I was ranting with rage and wondering what could be the ideal punishment for the said monster. Caveman turned around and said, Not more than a life sentence or capital punishment. Because indeed we are a democracy – and our girls are not safe even in the wombs of their mothers. From female foeticide to body trafficking,dowry deaths, rapes, marital or otherwise, for some reason, women seem to have it very tough in our country.

An extremely disturbing thought, and several blood curdling moments later, I hug my lil nieces and nephews tight and wish ..Please God,if our  Netas cant do it, please can you intervene and put an end to this heinous acts of unbridled lust. I sincerely wish that no adult disrupts the innocence of lil ones. I wish they can dream only of rainbows and colourful balloons and not monsters like these.

Sending love to the lil one and strength to the parents.


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11 Responses to The Deja’-Chu” moment

  1. KP says:

    It is a scary situation with such heinous acts growing in alarming proportions.Yes,a deterrent punishment for such child abuse is imprisonments within a time frame is a must.Any attempt to delay or deflect by anyone should be viewed seriously.

    More than all these,what do we do to prevent such atrocities.Kids,girls and women must be in a position to move about freely without escort and without fear of beastly attack.This is what is bothering me.Why this sudden spurt in depravity?More police at all places is neither feasible nor helpful.Strict laws alone may not be adequate. What do we do?

  2. Very touching write. Am shocked from the moment I read about this brutal attack on a tiny tot. I’m still dazed thinking about the child who, it’s reported, is stable.

    • My Say says:

      the ones we blaming are us .. that is our reality and integral part of the society which we have made post independence … the demon is self made ….
      when the nation is in remorse after repetition of evil act its time we think beyond facing water cannons and virtual protests .. there were two things common in both incidents : the culprits were .. intoxicated by liquor and were not literates ..
      Liquor is known to have made Gods turn evil and in a country like ours where we dont know drinking mannerisms , its time it be banned totally (but neither the govt will be fool banning a steady source of tax money chipping in nor we mangoes will quit liquor ) Secondly when i say literacy .. i dont mean academics .. the heads of those huge temples,gurudwaras and the mosques have some responsibilities too.. and so we as parents … and the govt … more than the books on science and maths at the age 3 we need be taught humanity … by the religious centres … if inculcated since childhood the reason of being gifted with human body … the demons inside us would be vaccinated before growing !! This is time for a hard core step .. follow strict rules against liquor and ask religious centers to close down their shops if they cannot take the responsibility of moral teaching and for the parents … they should take the responsibility themselves to avoid there kids being sufferers in future !! Else bring Talibanism – Once Caught give them brutal death in public …so deadly that people thinking r of rape should shiver in their pants !!

  3. vishalbheeroo says:

    it’s horrifying. Till there is no political willingness.. the sad state of affairs will continue.

  4. indrani says:

    A simple law is required: HANG CHILD RAPISTS!

  5. I have stopped reading / listening to news these days. It is becoming such a torture. I wonder if we can do anything at all to curb this disintegration of society

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment Purnendu. I feel disheartened too , but the silver lining is not all news channels resort to this kind of sensationalism.

  6. Anonymous says:

    excellent write up sonia

  7. vincent joseph says:

    excellent thought

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