I wish..

I wish you left something unsaid,

I wish I dint have to explain how I felt.

I  wish, I dint know that you had me figured out.

It is a staid realization, that you are one among them now

And like everyone else, you think no better of me,

Scared to look into your eyes, I turned away,

Because it hurt, hurt a little too deep,

That the one person, who I thought believed in me,

Was ready to throw all the muck at me,

Because I did not do the one thing that made me uncomfortable.

Like all the others, you want me to fit in your world,

Like all the others, you are judging me every minute,

Waiting to throw it all in my face,

With no consideration to how I feel,

I wish I knew better,

Than to believe in my illusions,

And no matter how free I think I am,

I am never free from being judged.

Sonia Anoop

16th April’13.


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

2 Responses to I wish..

  1. kislayagopal says:

    Beautifully said. Nice composition ! Sometimes we really wish not to be judged. couldn’t agree more with you, you have expressed it so nicely!

  2. matheikal says:

    It’s funny when we look in relationships things that will fill the vacuum within us – instead of finding out and delighting in the beauty of the other.

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