A fireside chat with Shekhar Kapur & Amish Tripathi

I was one of the privileged few, or as they call it at Qyuki  (Handpicked) to get an invite to  be  part of an interaction between Shekhar Kapur and Amish Tripathi at the Qyuki Office, Bengaluru.  For those who haven’t heard of Amish Tripathi, He is an ex banker(IIM Kolkata)alumni  turned  popular author of  fantasy genre. His Shiva Triology is a bestseller in India. 

On Qyuki – I have been a contributor to Qyuki since it’s beta stage and am proud the way the site is shaping up. It is a kaleidoscope of creativity in all forms, love the way talent is nurtured by  mentors here. One of my contributions was handpicked by Chetan Bhagat (mentor @ Qyuki),and my love affair with Qyuki blossomed and is taking a wonderful course. Take a look at Qyuki (www.qyuki.com) for a slice of the abundant creativity it has to offer.

A disclaimer here, I did not do much,but grace a corner with my presence and kept ogling at Shekhar Kapur. I was awestruck by his intrinsic charm that I could not ask the carefully prepared questions I had for Amish.

Some excerpts of the chat that had my grey cells ticking and  hope it does for you as well

Amish’s thought on writing, editing and publishing – He believes unlike movies or media, writing is not a collaborative process. He prefers to rely on his creativity, passion, family and his editor in the process. However when it comes to marketing, he believes reaching out to an audience is important for the publisher and writer. On a lighter vein, he remarked that his publisher owns a part of him, and as long as it is not in the writing stage, he does not mind it.

He believes that writing is not all about making money. He shared a few anecdotes about the rejections he faced while trying to get his book published. His advice for struggling authors  unable to get published is not to lose heart and explore different avenues  technology and  internet has to offer in today’s world. For Amish, it is the need to make his voice heard releasing a thought into the world and the thought taking a life of it’s own.

On the Shiva Trilogy – He did not hint at it turning into a quadrology,however  did mention about some exciting projects in the pipeline. When asked if he was turning into a prisoner of his own genre, as in he will stick to writing fantasy. He reckoned this genre has been his world for a long time now, and hasn’t contemplated switching yet.Amish  is an ardent Lord Shiva  devotee and reckons this devotion has fueled his passion and laid a foundation for the books. He believes that Lord Shiva is among the “coolest” Gods in Hindu mythology. Having grown up in a family debating  religion and philosophy often, Amish believes the atmosphere at  home laid a strong foundation for his values. He relies on philosophy as the bedrock of life . The  vast expanse of wisdom that Hinduism presented in the form of Puranas and Upanishads were also catalysts in the writing process. Amish believes evil is a necessary force in the world, reincarnating  inspite of being vanquished several times. His books are largely based on this theory.

His pretty wife and son were also present in the audience. The proud wife could not stop beaming and cheering him on. It made for a  heartwarming  sight. Some pictures  of the two charming men.


The suave Mr.Kapur on  other side of the auto


Amish’s wife on extreme left, while Amish is busy signing copies, of which I am a proud owner now:


 I loved the quirkiness of the Qyuki office , the lovely auto-rickshaw and my personal  favourite ,a  yellow poster with a quote from Dr. Deepak Chopra



It was an honour to spend a evening with the stalwarts and I look forward to more of Qyuki times hoping it adds more sparkle to my writing.


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7 Responses to A fireside chat with Shekhar Kapur & Amish Tripathi

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  2. maria says:

    Good one

  3. Malini says:

    Qyuki looks wonderful indeed! Shekar Kapur, even more 😉 And I’m yet to pick up the third book in the series.

  4. tumpishome says:

    good job girl….luv the Qyuki office

  5. dadirri7 says:

    beautiful post, very interesting story 🙂

  6. GB says:

    What coincidence! I was at the Qyuki invite : and in the second photograph its me talking to Mrs.Tripathi – we exchanged some interesting anecdotes.

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