The Caveman strikes back

Apparently the caveman is not one to rise above my nasty posts . So he is making me write a post about those charming qualities of mine which are in no way endearing to him.
And please note that I am at gunpoint while I am writing this and the post is mainly his words on my blog. And  for exaggerated effects, please do see the pictures

One would imagine that my inability to pin down any paying jobs would be his main concern but apparently the ones that bother him are the below. A list of all the “Wifey” moments as he calls them. And Im  afraid Im guilty as charged.

1. The hypochondriac me–  Reading up on all the vaguest diseases afflicting mankind, playing amateur doctor and worst of all, imagining that  he has all of them.


2. The rudderless me –  Tales of my sense of direction or the absolute lack of it are very embarrassing. So I get lost very often,with funny consequences and sometime not. Usually choosing to  admit that I am lost, after having made him manoeuver our big haathi(xylo) in the narrowest of lanes and then doing this.


3.  The saga of the angry emails –   Living with him 24/7 ,not uttering a word and then sending him emails ( or now the blog) with my list of problems, especially when he is at work.


4. The Plast’ick” factor – Buying  Jute bags in every possible colour, every other day. But still landing up at the supermarket, forgetting the bags, paying for the crappy plastic bags and moping around saying:


5. The Excavator me  – Ok, so I have the worlds most disorganized wardrobe. He doesn’t believe I have a method to the madness when I am usually scurrying around my clothes from a pile like this. I am termed Excavator .


6.  The storyteller and  the timing – Timing is the key word here. Because apparently the latent jabberwock in me springs into action at the most inopportune times with the most interesting story. Eg: choosing to tell this story when he was just about to rest his head on a pillow after a  16hr work day.


7.  The OTG syndrome –  The over the top generosity that I display at all times right from the tip that I leave in restaurants inspite of them bumming us with a ridiculous service charge. To emptying half my bank account in the name of gifts as though I have been afflicted with affluenza. No, constant reminders of him being only a salaried man don’t help. Or placing birdfeeders and waterbowls for birds in the balcony and then endlessly cribbing about the pigeon crap lying around. Especially with graphic details before a lovely meal.

Ok ,shoo,shoo, Caveman, little and nice. If you want to talk about me, go get your own blog .And all you lovely people, if the caveman has stolen your pics, please don’t sue us, we cant get any poorer than this. All pics are courtesy google images.

Have a good day folks..


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

7 Responses to The Caveman strikes back

  1. tumpishome says:

    i love it…caveman i agree to most of what you are saying…pics are super cute. Sonia…please let Caveman write once in a while…its refreshing

  2. Prabal Thakur says:

    Its really interesting

  3. Hola! This is the first time I’ve come to your blog, but I assure you this won’t be the last 🙂 Loved the wit and truth in this post. My caveman, too, rues my Storyteller timing – a condition I think all bloggers are afflicted with, given a willing/unwilling audience 😀


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