The Readers block

I have been cheating on the love of my life and I hate the guilt that creeps into my being, when I see them lying around, some of them unopened, their existence utterly ignored. Its only when the guilt pangs overwork themselves, is when it hits home . That I have been stealthily avoiding them and worst of all ,have been learning to function without indulging in my passion- Reading

Its been a while since I have grabbed a book and powered through it, dwelling in  another world, savouring every bit of the written word, and letting some thoughts linger on in my head space. I miss that heady feeling of being between the pages of a book and losing track of time and breath. Marvelling at the beauty of writing or simply getting absorbed in a tale.

I have a serious case of what I term the readers block . I am not liking it but the inner hoarder in me , doesnt stop. I seem to be   buying them ,borrowing them, all but to grace the bookshelf in the corner. All purchased with the noblest of intentions to read and devour, but alas, the readers block and me.

Feels like a different era,  when looking forward to read my book was the best part of the day. Off late , it seems to have turned into one  of those passive activities that I indulge in , more often than not , too eager to trade that time  to stalk bloggers, bake or even write.

I cant seem to find a book that speaks to me, or resonates my being, I am just there lying around, trying to read, and then  few minutes later, I am belly up snoring and covering the pages with my dribble. And even if I have read a page, I cant for the life of me, remember anything from the book the next day. And I give up easy. Mostly because the other diversions seem to be making me happy.

The blogosphere seemed to have awakened the monster in me and I just cant shut up. I find a story in almost everything  I see. And my restless mind, is so full of thoughts about my blog, that I just cant seem to empty my head , and read something beautiful, poetic and get transported into a world that is not mine.And I blame the great world wide web addiction for it, of mindless surfing , of reducing my attention span to a mere three hundred words  a day. Today is one of those days when I feel technology has intruded my life and I am lost in its shiny alluring world abandoning something that was so dear to me.

When guilt absorbs me, I make an effort  to read earnestly, but after a while, I slip on to the path of least resistance and give in to temptation. Of taking a much needed nap, or indulging the sweet tooth, or potter around.

For a voracious reader like me, the readers block is a curse and I  cant wait to overcome it. Have any of you had this before, or is it the ” why me” kind of a thing again? If you did, please do let me know of any tried and tested ways to slay this monster.


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

8 Responses to The Readers block

  1. greenembers says:

    Oh, I definitely have this reader’s block right now. I just don’t spend the time reading like I used to. Reading has been my first love and it feels awful to not be actively reading a book like I used to.

  2. Amba says:

    This happens to me very often. When I just don’t have the patience to plough through an entire book, read an entire story. But my mum and me decided that when this happens, we will pick up compilations of short stories. Short stories seem more doable. Like I can finish this, one story at a time 🙂 Hopefully, if the book is good enough, you can get through it, one story at a time and rediscover the urge to read again 🙂

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Thanks Amba, Im trying to finish a compilation of short stories.and Hopefully Ill finish it today. What are you reading currently?

      • Amba says:

        I’m reading this candy floss book called “Bad Heir Day” . I am stuck though. I need to pick it back up and read it all the way to the end LOL! When did reading becomes so NOT easy!

  3. Tumpi says:

    i have a reader’s block even in reading the synopsis of the novel 🙂

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