An afternoon at the Vineyards

Not too far away from home yet tucked away in a quiet serene corner, Grover Vineyards made for a very enjoyable getaway from the choc a bloc traffic and the regular travel brouhaha. And I soaked in the beauty of the long winding roads , lush greenery  on either sides with the wind in my hair and DH by my side .

Couldnt have asked for more , with the citrusy sweet scent of grapes in the air teasing my senses, the warmth of the hospitality  and a perfectly sunny day to lounge under the umbrellas and marvel at the mysteries o Cabernet Shiraz’s and Sauvignon Blanc’s.


A walk in the vineyards, spotting the different kinds  of grapes with an enthusiastic tour guide explaining the differences, their unique characters, the harvesting procedure. No plucking or picking is allowed  which was quite alright , just gazing at the beauty around was a blessing

The green expanse


Take a closer peek and you will find the black beauties nestled in the midst of the greenery . These beauties are called the Viogneir grapes , smaller in size


And these are the loveliest bountiful Shiraz grapes



Now for the wine crusher which is connected directly to the kegs inside

Wine Crusher1

Pictures were not allowed in the fermentation area but the cans looked like this(spotted one outside), Temperature controlled steel kegs.

Steel Cask

And now the best part of the trip, Wine tasting after cleansing your palate with cheese and wheat crackers. We got to taste five wines, And we learnt the five characterstics of  wine tasting – See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Swallow.  We rose each glass with soaring expectations and we liked the Shiraz Rose and the La Reserve, the Grover flagship product.

The storing in the French Oak Barrels which are used for six months and upcycled int0  these loverly seaters in the lounge where lunch is served

Oak Barrels1


Lounge Umbrella1

And our loot at a  generous discount . I loved the Grover wines cap memorobalia.

The loot final


We booked through For Rs.1000 per head which includes the vineyard and production tour, wine tasting and lunch. Children under ten years are not allowed into the production area.. So a taste of the Indian Napa valley right here in Nandi Hills, Bengaluru, My only  regret is that they do not allow stomping or get you to see the actual crushing or storing, But nevertheless , its nothing much to rant about. They made up for it with their awesome hospitality.

The great wine tours


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10 Responses to An afternoon at the Vineyards

  1. Gowri says:

    Been there n done that….
    Beautiful experience….
    We did manage to sneek in my niece and nephew aged 7 & 9….
    For me the Rosa was a new experience but
    Nothing can beat suvignon blanc….
    The pics look awesome….

  2. Fawzia says:

    This is sooo cool!! We will do this when I am there, we will go wine tasting( buckets of them) 😀

  3. tumpi says:

    Thanks Sonia for the visual treat…lovely place

  4. been there! a perrfect place to hangout on a lazy saturday! u must try the Heritage wineyard as well!

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