When the squint eyed dark girl had the most beautiful French Fishtail braid

Beauty is skin deep and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Now this pity talk is handed to many a ugly sibling ( aka your’s truly) over uncomfortably long dinners by the wise ones.. Did I believe the gyaan? Absolutely not infact resented the prettier siblings more.

It was my adolescent world and everyone who has been down that lane will agree with me.That, you are only as beautiful as the number of compliments you receive, or the number of boys who are stalking you and professing their undying love to you. Well I had no such affirmations and never knew how it felt to be acknowledged as the beautiful one.  I grew up in a world where I was known as the ugly duckling, or pimply faced, squint eyed Jill, or Thumbelina with a pudgy nose or most recently , Shreks better half .

My dark skin, my social awkwardness, my faltering gait were sore sights when compared to the sisters perfect radiance and beauty. And when they couldn’t  make sense of it all, they called me a tomboy as though they needed to explain my lack of good looks. It was the beginning of the many tirades that I put the family through.  Well , it did not take too much for the caterpillar me to break free from the cocoon of obscurity .  Thanks to this watershed moment , I was acknowledged for the very first time as the beautiful one  courtesy my lustrous mane.

So there I was at a lame bachelorette party cursing my existence and  resenting the wafer thin bodies, pretty eyes, peaches and cream complexions of the girls around . And then there was the contest of the perfect French fish tail braid .It was the nineties and the  braid was at the highest zenith of fashion.For all those who don’t know what a Fish tail braid is . Here is what it looks like(picture courtesy -hairstyleweekly.com)


It’s the perfect Agnipariksha for your split ends. Because the braid can never set beautifully with even a trace of  the dreaded split ends. These unwelcome braid ends stand out like ugly weeds, making your hair look like an unmowed lawn. No wonder they are split wide open .Thankfully  I was blessed with  Moms overdose of Cod liver oil capsules .And none of the strands split  at their ends instead chose to live harmoniously with a healthy lustrous glow. And for once in my life, I was the one with the prettier hair. My braid sure felt the neighbous envy and the glorious pride of the owner.  Well I can never forget that heady feeling which felt like tender loving care to my bruised ego. Thanks to the no split ends era which introduced  the ugly awkward teenage to her inner diva .

And now I truly believe that amma was right when she reprimanded me on one of my well prepared tirades against oiling and conditioning  my hair. That I would thank her some day.

And profusely thank I did ,for not witnessing split ends on my hair for a very  long time . Unlike my friends who had hair woes as early as 25. But now my mane needs tender loving care and ammas prudence to withstand the attacks of  hypothyroidism and the onset of thirties. Making my hair brittle, splitting into nasty ends and ruining my good luck charm for me. Last heard and seen , Dove will wave its magic wand for me, helping me in damage control and  banish the split ends forever.Couldnt pray for more , please please  weave the magic for me so that I can live the French Fish tail braid Diva moment  forever and ever.


Cant wait for the super duo, Dove split end rescue shampoo and conditioner to weave its magic . In awe of the pretty white packaging. Go take a peek at



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7 Responses to When the squint eyed dark girl had the most beautiful French Fishtail braid

  1. Amba says:

    I wish I had listened to my Ammuma too when she was yelling at me over the phone to put oil in my hair every week! 🙂 Your writing reminds me of Jaishree Mishra’s for some reason. It makes me miss home and feel nostalgic.

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Thanks Amba for visiting. Sorry hadnt heard of Jaishree Mishra. Will refer to Mr. Google. I think Nostalgia is my permanent state too. One can never be too old to miss home

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really wish I had followed my Mom’s advice – oil everytime before you shampoo…too late now…lots of split grey hairs. I am now in a state where i am praying that atleast the grey’s do not leave me so that i can colour them 🙂

  3. Rupertt Wind says:

    a very nice post 🙂

  4. just thought i would visit a bit to thank you for your follow and chose this to read because of the deliciously appealing title, it did not disapoint. you have such an easy way with words i breezed my way to end, grinning a little along the way.

    in 7th and 8th grade i named myself, ‘the poor pimpled uncool sulker’ and why the universe decided at that awkward age we somehow need acne to overcome, i will never understand. my mirror never did quite recover. 🙂

  5. wow 🙂 lovely post 🙂

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