All things Bollywood for one of those days

Thank God it’s Friday and its time to wait for my blogdost, Vanni Da Pooh to update her blog at  For all things Bollywood and more importantly her quirky and funny self.  When my world gets whiny and crazy, all I do is go to her blog for my dose of cheer and fun. She is like my long lost cosmic twin in the blogosphere.

My mum said, “You are who you eat with” ( Mystery solved!!!). Why didn’t I think of it before? . But I guess today I am going to be who I blog with. So heavily inspired by Van, here’s my post on all the upcoming releases in the shiny Disco ball called Bollywood. And yes, please note that I spent all day watching Sony Music and trying to get some spring cleaning done on DH’s orders (retribution for writing meanie things about him)

So it was a day of Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Can’t help but notice the glaring influence of Southern Cinema, and it’s time to decide who the true baap of Bollywood is..

There’s the fat boy gone slim, Jackie Bhagnani scraping his knees away with Rangrezz. Hopefully father and Producer Vashu B will get to see some Lakshmi darshan,at the end of the pitch saga ,called  I spend my money to help my son because no one else will. And guess who the captain of the (sinking) ship is Priyadarshan, apna mallu director who last appeared with the fizzle stick called Tezz. Even hero Mohanlal couldn’t save that fizzle stick. So God Bless the F.A.L.T. U actor. Hopefully he gets blessed with box office luck like the southern son(Allu Arjun) of rich producer Allu Aravind) who scraped knees and also stole a bit of my heart with his dancing. Notice the desperate attempts to woo lady luck. Imitation, my friend will always make up for lack of talent.



Ok that was the power of well-rounded entertainment(Perfect blend of Bollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood) and the ultimate privileges of being absolutely Vela.(jobless)

Then there’s my pet peeve, Sonakshi Sinha in Himmatwala .Last heard, Shotgun Sinha is trying to locate me with the threats of KhamoshHH. The fat babe never gone slim with man shoulders and child bearing hips, is killing the Parveen Babi magic for me. Thank God its Friday..she sings .Sajid Khan what were you thinking with Monday Bura , Tuesday Bura. ? Cost cutting perhaps with no moolah paid to Sonakshi’s costume designer and lyrics penned by a disgruntled techie.

There’s the filmfare award winner for best singer, crooning Mera Mann in Nautanki Saala . This is not bad I must say. Except for the old guitar look and Ayushmann Khurana’s shoulders going up and down vigorously. As though his whole body is fighting the instinct of breaking into an impromptu Bhangra. But the actor who sings is cute..the other actor who sings I like is Siddarth (coming soon in Chashme Buddoor) after featuring in Rang De Basanti and Soha Ali’s life.


Then there’s apna Johnny boy in I me aur main, so much for his narcisstic self and steroid boosted muscle ego. Making Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai prance around him like sexy kittens. Same old Same old The bandana Bearded  Dark glasses look on the bike with women throwing themselves at him. Desi Boyz , Dostana aur abhi I me aur him . Whats new, yes another insane, lyrically rich, Cappucino song. See it to believe it.

This one I preserved for the last, where Sunny Paaji is in double role, one with his toupee and one with his pagdi (just kidding) and Kangna Baby with New York Hindi in I love New Year. Directed by our Hyderabadi Kudi, Radhika Rao whose last gig was (wait for it) Lucky, No time for Love. Need I say more.

And now for  the ones that I am waiting for with bated breath : Farhan Akthar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Given my experience with Bhagaooing, Ill bhaago to Timbuktu also if I get to see him once. And then there’s the return of backless blouse saga in  Saheb, Biwi aur gangster returns. Which almost seems like pathi, pathni aur Hollywood return Woh.With Mahi Gill in heavy ( Scotchish or maybe Whiskyish accent) Ye Hamesha Mard hi kyu milte hume shaayar kyu nahi milte..?? Theatrical Despair as always and that’s food for thought


Until next Friday Folks, Hasta la Vista


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3 Responses to All things Bollywood for one of those days

  1. Amba says:

    LOL! Loved your comic take on the dire situation in Bwood! Saheb Biwi aur Gangster was an excellent movie first time around, so I’m hoping the sequel lives up to it. Why does Ayushman Khurrana look like he’s on the sets on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal? The influence of the south is glaringly evident in Bwood nowadays with Prabhu Deva directing movies and not-size-zero girls like Vidya and Sonakshi being popular(like the southern belles!) I just wish they would take some good cinema from the South, to imitate, rather than these jazzy Vijay movies. Sorry for my excessively long comment 🙂 Goes without saying that I loved your post! 🙂

  2. Tumpi says:

    loved your comment on Sonakshi…I read recently that she is being paired with Shahid Kapur for a movie…wonder who saves whom from the villain. Looking forward to sahib, Biwi and Ganster returns

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