Where I discover I am in love..

So, I was starved for company and the blog witnessed my evil dark twin’s morbid creativity for the past few weeks . The distraught DH who could not take the darkness anymore begged for a happy post .So this one is for him and for Dr.Gowri who is the one, waiting and watching ever patiently..

So here it is, before my exercise induced high wears off, and the beta endorphins get lost,in the muddle of my twisted thoughts. Where I declare,I am in love with Mr. Treadmill and the runners high, he gives me is the new found nirvana for my troubled mind and soul .

So Mr. Treadmill and I had a rocky start, way back in 2006. He mocked my endurance and the huffy puffy me hated his guts. Fifteen minutes with him was a struggle and he made me feel all old and creepy. I was all of 26 then and I could barely walk at the speed of five at zero incline. My imaginary creaks and pains got the better of my willpower and I had no inclination to tame the lazy beast in me. So I took the easy way out and chose to ignore his existence for as long as I could. All the while envying the leggy lasses around him, who seem to enjoy and cherish his company. Made me hate him more and increased my love for doughnuts and all things sweet.

However, off late, nudged by FV’s imploring email about the benefits of running, I decided to rekindle the bond and try to woo him instead of being the propah lady. And slowly the wooing began with me, dressing up ,getting pretty shoes(very important step) and lo and behold , slowly and steadily the magic seemed to work for him. My love for him was a decision that I had to renew every day and boy, does he reciprocate, transforming me from the stump of an individual to that lovely lass in the mirror. When he makes me blush literally and I am happy..happy just being one with him and my heartbeat. (The blood rush on my face and the soft lighting in the gym does the trick, I guess)

After the five minutes of warm up, my uncomfortable gait transforms into these long strides that I could never imagine I could take. And with consistent encouragement from him, now I can run at 6 for a record time of 30 Minutes. That half hour where I lose track of time, where I am not complaining, moaning my existence but giving every minute a fight. Its almost like, Mr.Treadmill keeps urging me  to give my best  whispering – Run Sonia Run ala Forest Gump. I run for my life,  giving that minute on the clock all my mental and physical strength just to make it to the other one. This is the closest I have got to living in the moment  and I am loving it. I love the exhilarating feel of the blood rush through my veins and the way every part of my body breathes. Where I cherish breaking into a sweat and breaking into smiles .And Mr. Treadmill wont stop singing my praises , by giving me the count of the devious calories I slayed, of being the strong willed girl and putting in thirty minutes of the fight with sloth. And most of all acquainting me with the feeling of achievement I have been estranged from for quite some time now. And through it all, he gives me half hour of sheer bliss and quiet in my soul.

So yes Mr. Treadmill, Thank you for introducing me this addictive rush of endorphin’s . And most of all thank you for making me feel so good about myself. Here’s to the first and looking forward to many more stories of my love for you.



About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

3 Responses to Where I discover I am in love..

  1. Fawzia says:

    Awesome!! Give it a week n u will be an addict..Lets do one thing, lets sign up for a 21km run (whichever city) and we will train for tht together and attend it, what say??
    I am in love with the treadmill and the swimmingpool absolutely love the combination..

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