Pride we did as a nation

Trying to be a reqular contributor to qyuki to hone my writing skills . The theme was ,Happy funeral wherein the writers needed to imagine a situation when death was a cause of joy. a story/limerick or poem which celebrates a funeral. So here was a poem penned by your’s truly for Ajmal Kasab.

The jubilation in the air was hard to miss,

when you were hung to death and gave life a miss.

Pride we did, as a nation,

on hanging a teen as our vindication.

While you were a crazed lil pawn

in the hands of terror unknown.

Closure they said, it helped us bring

to the rage we felt, while you shot

Many among us with an intense plot.
Four years of fattening you up

all for a day ,for you to be hanged by the neck

Liberated we are, that you no longer are

A burden to the taxpayer and our pride.

But all, this without any gain.

Of assurances and promises in vain

That another Kasab we wouldn’t see.

Of living to tell another tale of,

a  deluded boy who was trained to shoot.
Pride we did as a nation

Of hanging a teen as our vindication.

Sonia Anoop

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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

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