When the muse (Annie Zaidi) noticed Yours truly


I am overwhelmed at the turn of events on what I thought would be another random day.Turned on my laptop for my usual reading fix and was glad to receive a new blog update from Known Turf (Annie Zaidi’s blog). Little did I know, that I would turn into a big pile of gratitude and disbelief, that I had to refresh the screen twice to believe what I had seen. Yes, my muse, Annie Zaidi, the inspiration behind some of my creative endeavours featured my  review of her book (Love stories #1 to 14) on her blog. I am taking a big bow  and am overwhelmed beyond words.

Yay, Annie Zaidi noticed and picked my review for Known turf and my nascence features as a link on her blog. After a tiny celebratory dance and shooting off the email to my loved ones. And yes , champagne all around for the fact that my verbal diarrohea got acknowledged.What makes it special, is it was chosen by my muse. I am overawed by her fabulous persona and have always been in love with her writing .So here I say, I am so grateful for this  fortunate stroke of serendipity. Made my month…



About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

3 Responses to When the muse (Annie Zaidi) noticed Yours truly

  1. vannidapooh7 says:

    Congratulations girl!!! Ain’t this reason enough to kick that inertia and hopeless feeling that you whined about just yesterday, for good????

    • Thumbelina81 says:

      Hey ..the cosmic friend gives up on the drama queen..a lil more patience..i promise there will be less of whiny rants but yeah for good is too much of an ask now..

      • vannidapooh7 says:

        I can’t desert one of my types, can I 😉 I have absolutely no problem with the whining. It’s actually beneficial since it more often than not, produces the desired result. U can corroborate this with my husband 😛 I only requested you not to feel miserable about being unproductive cuz jo kuchh bhi hota hai, achche ke liye hota hai. Like just two days ago U wanted to bury your head in the earth n go die n stuff n then see how the universe conspired to make u feel on top of the world! I love going into a shell, only in anticipation of the amazing surprises waiting to bombard me when I peep out for a wee bit 😀

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