Of Thatte Idli’s and the Sandal City Sojourn

Well, the DH and I were off an impromptu road trip to Mysore last week. The instructions were made very clear to his co-traveller,navigator,tyre checker  and  beer holder aka me.He did not want me to act all touristy and ordered me to ditch the camera and the obedient wifey obliged (evil smirk)

We started late from Bangalore ,almost at 8 am which is bad because it took us two hours to get out of the congested city. And soon it was time to refill our tummies with DH’s favourite Thatte Idlis at Bidadi. Something about this fluffy huge idlis and the chutneys that drives him nuts. Not a pretty picture , but here it is . A must try if you are travelling towards Mysore .And please note, its a drive in, not a fancy place but your regular idlykada so throw your courteous service or a napkin expectations to the wind.You’ll be glad the boy even lets you get a taste of his famous idlls and Benne ( A nice dollop of white butter). Heavenly.The rush there is maddening but the wait is truly worth it


After a heavy meal, it was time to glance at all the hotel hoardings enroute to call in for reservations for an overnight stay, so much for an impromptu trip. All I heard was “Saari , we are booked” . After 35 such calls we realised that the whole of Bengaluru was probably out considering it was a long weekend .Then DH took the road less travelled on a quiet turn and there we found a little paradise on the banks of the river Cauvery


We were glad to atleast find a roof over our heads like the hippies but yes this quaint lil place gave us more than we had expected. Peace, well maintained cottages and clean bathrooms for a government property. The air conditioned cottages cost us 3000 for a night apparently holiday rack rate. The view from the balcony was to die for and the lakeside restaurant was not too bad. Beer, sunlight and the soft gurgle of the river in the background, it was more than what we could ask from a holiday. Image


After turning a few kilos heavier after hogging on chilli chicken, we realised we were too late to catch up on the tourist destinations as everything closes by five pm. The only hidden gem we could go to was a visit to the sandalwood factory.


Could see an shy artisan carving out this picture, He was too shy and dint want me to click pictures but heres what we as working on  The thatha in the polishing section was only too happy to pose. The white bits in the pic are actually thin layers of plastic which is cut and set into the pic, Very intricate and tiresome work,



I love the haathis ( I sure was an elephant goddess in my previous birth some karmic connection this is )


 My loot was the usual dhoop sticks and cones, perfume for mum and the laughing Buddha who apparently wards off the evil eye carefully crafted in wood . And look at the piece of sandalwood the lady sold me . apparently  I need to soak a bit of this piece ,make a paste and apply it on face for fair ,blemish free skin. I loved the concept hence bought this piece for like 400 bucks


Ok after  this ,we had a quiet romantic candlelight dinner in the wooden elevated gondolas. And had  a good nights sleep. I woke up at 5 am so that we can go to the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary. The beautiful winged creatures always excite me so couldn’t wait to get there. A twenty minute drive from our hotel, DH was hung over just dint revel the fact on a cold winter morning;the clicking was infuriating him..Click Click I went on though….,the sanctuary was a beautiful place but unfortunately couldn’t spot any exquisite birds .


Here I was all grumpy and disappointed in my 100 rupee hat , how cool is that for the loot

ImageThe journey back was fun and hopefully 2013 will have more of these impromptu trips, and hopefully I can use my beautiful hat more often.


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5 Responses to Of Thatte Idli’s and the Sandal City Sojourn

  1. vannidapooh7 says:

    There’s something magical about roadside food. I can go to a Taj for breakfast and an Oberoi’s for lunch, but I’ll still head back to my local Zunka Bhaakar stall for my usual usal-misal fix. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I’ve seen that the most fun trips are those that are unplanned. We planned for an international trip for A WHOLE YEAR and had to cancel at the last minute when my son fell ill 😦 Ever since, we’re forever taking off to Matheran, Karjat and nearby sylvan retreats to unwind without even knowing like an hour in advance!

  2. vannidapooh7 says:

    Bangalore was great the two years I lived there…Trips to Nandi Hills, Madikeri etc. don’t really require any major pre-planning. I miss Bangalore 😦

  3. Amba says:

    I would kill for a thatta kada dosa/idli right about now. 🙂 The place you guys stayed at looks lovely!

  4. how u made me miss my thatte idly! 😦 😦

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