Manufactured angst – The media circus

At the risk of sounding insensitive and heartless, I beg and plead , STOP.  I cannot hear the word rape anymore, not on the TV channels , not in the newspaper , not from folks around me who are not tired of dispensing their unsolicited perspective on such a heinous crime.

Yes, it was gruesome, Agreed it was uncalled for and sadly true that, unbridled lust claimed another victim in the rape capital.

What irks me is the perspective of looking sympathetically over this one incident in isolation. Have we spared a thought for all the victims who are probably watching all the furor of the society and wondering.. Was their dignity and outraged modesty not worth fighting for? Why were they not taken in an air ambulance to hospitals or were provided the facility of privileged treatment abroad? Why dint the nation or all the armchair activists fight for their cause?  Agreed, they did not have their physical form battered but every bit of their self was violated and demanded justice just the way the newly christened Damini did.

I cannot take it anymore, the manufactured angst among the media over one incident, grabbing attention by the eyeballs, having discussions 24/7 and getting perspectives from celebrities who probably travel in chauffeured cars and probably have little to identify with the not so privileged class who depend on shared transport for commuting. Yet, they have well thought out opinions , carefully worded to incite unrest and plead a call for action from the government. Stringent laws, quicker action, capital punishment,no more tinted glasses in vehicles, each one providing their solution and urging the government to come together and take action now. And knowing the power of public persuasion, I am sure the culprits will be soon taken into the dock, some heads will roll and  there will be short term appeasement  . Then comes the lull after the storm has passed and public memory fades.

Damini will cease to become the nations center of attention.In time,she would  become a mere statistic and the media will juggle to their next TRP garnering cause and the exodus of the same celebrities to provide their view on a different incident , with their opinion on the pulse of the nation. So here I say, the government or the ruling party is not the villain out here. So stop sensationalizing and chanelling the angst towards politicians. This problem needs a deeper solution which needs change on a grassroot level in terms of education and reducing the disparities of the society.

And yes , I am a woman and  I don’t need to  know that I am vulnerable to rape,  I don’t need to know that the people I voted for will only care enough when there is undeniable public furor. I don’t need to know that people who rape me will be hanged to death. All these short term fixes will not begin to scratch the surface on what I feel about rape. I don’t need people to cash in on my sorrow for their fifteen minutes of on air drama or fame.

So I say no to the media circus and the celebrity blabber non stop and send my thoughts to Damini and pray that  her family gets the strength to endure this injustice .


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5 Responses to Manufactured angst – The media circus

  1. vannidapooh7 says:

    Barely 48 hours from now, all we be getting drunk and making merry, ushering in the New Year and maybe another rape might happen (God forbid!) and all will focus on the new victim/ survivor and Damini will be a part of history…the RAPEpublic of India’s history, that is!

  2. vannidapooh7 says:

    I don’t see the point in dissecting the victim’s pain AFTER she was made/ forced to endure it. God forbid, if six men charge towards me tomorrow, I’m not going to remember to aim that can of pepper spray in their eyes or to call the SOS toll-free number. But, if these six men know that their predecessors were castrated in full public view, were flogged to death by the same women who took to the streets (and jammed them) in Delhi, then the media can take a bow! India has to become a Saudi Arabia in matters of rape, murder and other heinous crimes…only when abominable men like Damini’s culprits are punished by the public and made to live without the very organ that makes them men ….then there will be a change in society.

  3. SamDsm2012 says:

    Nicely put. Yeterday I was watching NDTV and HMTV and clearly shows how their programme is slated towards TRP ratings. I was annoyed with one of the Patna reporter on NDTV to describe the act, while the guest was trying to tell what needs to be changed.

    At the same time we need media to awaken/show the people angry towards the laws lacking country. Change should start with individual and can change only when INDIA gets new blood law makers. Community lobbysts to utilise media as powerful tool to bring the change.

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