Well, it has been a week and the only question I have been hearing is what the plan?  Translation – what do you want to do with your life now that you have quit, look hale and hearty and generally on a roll? As if life was waiting for me to say the word and mysteriously the whole universe would conspire and get me whatever I wanted. And as if, life is meant to be meaningful only when there are carefully thought out projects and nirvana is attained only after you have ticked them off your to do lists. Ok, that was me speaking out of my pessimistic and irritated bubble.

While I had devious plans to retort with smart ass replies  like a lifetime of shopping and shock the living daylights out of DH. But decided to spare the poor man who has already been walking on eggshells trying to comfort me. So after two weeks of procrastinating, revelling in doing nothing, soaking in the leisure, I have decided to finally draw up the plan atleast for the next month. No concrete, life changing decisions to make, no rebound career choices to gain absolution. Right now the plan is to take one day at a time and make the day most fulfilling and joyful for DH and me because we truly deserve it. . Yes, ala Gretchen Reuben with Happier at home and Happiness project, here is mine

A three pronged approach to soothe my frayed nerves and calm my noisy chatterbox of a mind,just what  the doctor ordered

For the mind – My books have been crying out loud for my attention. So here it is sub project no-1, Get on top of my reading list .Yes , obsessive buying from Flipkart is another of my vices. Ok , I have cleared my balconies, surrounded them with my plants, made a cosy reading corner (pics to follow) and am getting my share of Vitamin D  (apparently I am deficient) while reading one of these..


Sub project 2 – Finally get on to my French speaking and thinking dream  which seemed like a wild goose chase for a long time now.(On second thoughts, the wine bottle on the cover seems more appealing than the book itself).The. dummie me

ImageFor the body – Hopefully 2013 will be able to get few rounds off my girth and maybe I will be able to distinguish the different parts of my body from below my neck. So here it is..Tight in twenty by Mickey Mehta and the four week countdown diet by Namita Jain (yes the picture was too hot and prodded me enough to buy the book). No, they haven’t paid me to promote their stuff, On second thoughts, I wish they did because I just realised it would be good to have some pocket money flowing in. (DH –if you are reading this, time to think of an allowance..(lol)


And when we get bored of Indian food, here is the continental cook book that I am going to try out. Tried pulling off the red sale sticker, but dint work…so now you know, that sale raids are happening dint you sense the happiness in my posts? And ps: I have not heard of Dana Jacobi either, but it was for sale for crying out loud sake


For the soul – Yoga,music,mantras and violin to take a peek inside my  and hopefully will be able to make sense  of the looniness in me.


That was the plan, and along with it, lots of me time on the agenda, catching up with long lost friends, Bengaluru darshan and conversations with my neglected plants who seem overjoyed with my presence these days

So long then…



About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

2 Responses to The PLAN

  1. Fawzia says:

    Awesome, get a dog please!

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