All Sweat (to ) …Walk the Talk

Folks who know me will swear by the fact that I will in almost all circumstances choose comfort over money.And if need be, I will keep all elements of physical labour to the bare minimum. Theres so much to do in the world instead of sweating and tiring your poor muscles. So when I am approached with propositions of marathons , walks for charity and any other corporate social responsible causes , I am generally the one hiding under a desk or the ladies room until the mania dies down. And if  I am still pushed into a spot, I laugh my way out saying theres no time to order the right size of the corporate T-shirt.  Or in difficult cases, just cite a former engagement and do my bit of charity in the form of cash donations and gain absolution .As petty as it might sound, things that I could never figure out was

1.How do a bunch of individuals motivate themselves to walk or run for 100 Km or even 10 km ? How do they get themselves out of bed on to wake up on a cold Sunday morning and run /walk for a charitable cause after putting in 60-65 hr weeks at  work?  I always mean to ask..dint you hear of the begins at home ?, Doesnt your body or your family deserve your time? But when I see enthusiastic people all set to shed their sweat, I generally tend to  brush it off as insanity. I tend to do a bit of reality check for myself and  get on my way because I cannot afford to put my body through the trauma not only for the D-day but also the days of preparation much ahead  of the event.

2.If charity is the end result why couldnt it be as simple as everyone donating their bit and still have their weekends for  themselves ?

All this mumbo jumbo in my head and I had to attend the introduction to Oxfam trailwalker which is a nonstop walk  of a 100 kms over a span of two days as a four member team. This is a cause my firm believes in and encourages participation across all levels . As usual I stared at the proposition and did not spend even a second to dismiss my levels of interest . But then there was him. The speaker , who spoke about the cause and why it was necessary on so many levels to participate in the walk. The passion with which he spoke was infectious and made me sit up and think twice  about my resistance to participate.  Kudos to his oratory skills and passion  he almost convinced the non –athletic slouch of me to participate. It was like resisting a call to awaken from my slumber.  He said and I quote, “ Trailwalker is not meant to be a stroll in the park with your friends. Its a dare, a dare to find it within yourself  to  begin  the most uncomfortable journey in your life, facing your fears and pushing yourself to unheard or unimagined realms . A test for your physical and mental endurance and companionship”. He said ,” I assure you this , after the 100 kms walk, you will definitely say.. Yes I can” ,  in true Obama spirit to every challenge in your life.

So no folks,inspite of several weak moments and a secret crush on the speaker , I did not jump in and sign up for the walk, but here’s what I did .I stopped resisting and started questioning my ‘frog in the well “ approach , stopped  looking for reasons not to participate and took  a moment to consider the event and the the participants who would have to  dedicate atleast 3 months of their lives to prepare for this feat of physical endurance .Yes ,the sneaky elements of corporate visibility were present but I just brushed them all aside and started to walk the room and talk to the volunteers.

  • Some said they were doing it for fun or  for a sense of adventure( The answer seemed right out a MTV roadies audition)
  • Some said they were doing it for the team spirit  and wanted to bond with their teams(Seriously, isnt your 15 hour workdays enough)
  • Some said they were doing it for themselves to test their physical endurance  ( which is good I  think)
  • Some said they were lonely and did not have anything to do for the weekends , they would love to have a goal to work to apart from work.( An honest answer always makes me smile)
  • And then there was one who told me..I just participated for a cause which is greater than me. He said and I quote.. “There is so much that I can give away and not think about it but when I consciously give my time and effort  to a cause which might not give me material benefits, that makes me feel good.”

Such words of wisdom from a twenty something shattered my innerself and yes, now I dont percieve  marathons as social or corporate events anymore. To each their own , If  I cannot join them, I do not have the right to talk about these events condescendingly. Marathons or walks are  a test of sheer grit , determination and more importantly it is the effort which takes to think beyond oneself.

So here I was  all enlightened and passionate, but am mindful of the fact that there is too little preparation time for the event. Have  volunteered to be the support crew ready to cheer for my teams, provide them with a change of clothing, and as usual give them the privelege of my esteemed presence . Promised to cook for them and maybe help in organizing their trial walks  and that is my charity for the year.

But nevertheless 2014 Oxfam trailwalker , count me then I would be 100 kms and counting..

For those who want to make it for 2013 January, form a four member team and register at


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One Response to All Sweat (to ) …Walk the Talk

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love you my dear friend ! like the way you are contributing ….and believe me i also have the same mindset about these corporate marathons….may be its just the mindset !! and may not be anymore…

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