The “Height” of my love

I am a vertically challenged person ( barely five feet tall) but anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I hate to settle for anything small. DH is 6 feet four inches tall and there is a standing joke in my family that I had taken the advice of “Marry up” very seriously. An acquaintance asked me the other day if my choice was by design. Got me thinking and hence the post today.
In retrospect , I do not know if I fell hopelessly in love with his tall frame or his larger than life persona. I am guessing he appealed to the dramatic quotient that defines me. Life with a tall husband is fun at most times and I bask in all the attention we recieve everywhere we go. The attention comes out of sheer curiosity. We draw smirks, pleasant smiles and sometimes gasps in disbelief. Whatever be the case, we definitely attract a second look. People who have known us for a long time have got their eyes trained but its hard for strangers to not notice the difference in heights and not make their shock too evident to us.
So heres what it it feels like living with a partner whose head is literally in the clouds almost at all times(yes , yes I am aware that I am taking my freedom of speech too far ) But you know what, I really have a tall order to ( Excuse the PJ’s on Tall today)

Advantages of having a Tall partner.

1. You do not need to invest in a ladder ever. The highest loft or a bulb to fix, dont look too far, just yell for your husband and watch him do the magical thing of just raising his hand and fixing your problem in a jiffy.
2. You can never lose him a crowd. He always stands out when compared to the average heights of Indian men and women and is easy to spot in a crowd.
3. Your spring cleaning is always taken care of. Cobwebs or anything above your height are cleant more easily courtesy your tall husband.
4. If he is tall and wide,you are in for a bonus, The economy goes bust and there is always alternate professions he can choose from eg: a bouncer at a pub or a villain in the movies (The latter excites me, I have always wanted to do nothing but bask in the limelight of my husband (Lol))
5. On that note, you will never feel that you are weak and vulnerable. You are always carrying your own personal bodyguard. Dare anyone messes with you with a statuesque burly man around.
6. If you live in India, he hardly gets clothes or shoes his size so your shopping budget generally tends to be at your disposal most of the times.
7. You get to wear high heels at every given occassion.
8. All the pesky kids,neighbours stay away from your gardens flowers and fruits. Just a glimpse of the husband scares the living daylights out of them.
9. The airlines are generally generous to the tall boys and assign them a good seat where they have enough leg space. So by virtue of company, you have the best seats ever with enough leg and head room.
10. No need of expensive gym memberships or huge investments in treadmills. When we walk together ,I barely reach his elbow and most of the times I am running behind him to match the length of his walking strides. So, A stroll with him is like an intense cardio session burning atleast 500 calories.
11. The Kodak Moments – Needless to say, we are never picture perfect because of our difference in heights, so all our couple pictures are generally taken when we are seated . I was a petite creature before I met DH barely weighed between 45-50 kgs. DH was accused of cradle snatching because I looked so tiny when compared to him. Thats when DH bit the bullet and encouraged me to put on some weight. And those were the magical words I waited to hear, I am a sheer glutton when it comes to food and there was no turning back. Weighs less on your conscience when you eat for a cause. So somehow now, we are atleast horizontally compatible and our pictures are mostly cute when we care for the camera.
12. Oh there is a disadvantage as well, every stranger who wants to be friends with you’ll starts off their lines with You guys look like Amitabh Bachhan and Jaya Bhaduri.(boring). Sure we definitely like to be compared to the supertalented duo but its time we get some newer tall short famous couples . I like the comparision of Marshal and Lily from “How I met your mother” .
Ok , speaking of short men, they are two short men who are getting my attention these days and inspire me enough to spend my weekends in front of the idiot box.
1. George Calombaris from Masterchef Australia – I love this short bald fat man and his persona and the best part , he knows how to cook. I feel that he is definitely my long lost soul in a male form . He is warm,affectionate and attractive in his own funny way ( Now think hard, which persona can you attribute those characterstics to closer home ) Lol
2. Salman Khan from Big Boss – I hated his guts and over the top humour in most of his movies. But Big boss and Alag 6 has truly brought out the wiser and funnier side of Salman Khan. I generally watch Big boss on Fridays and Saturdays for his wise banter and cracking sense of humour. Manages to keep the spotlight on himself . I guess thats the secret for successful short people -Have a super personality to match up for the lack in height .

And we all know, how short people crave attention at all times..inspite of them stating the contrary.


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

One Response to The “Height” of my love

  1. Fawzia says:

    Dude spring cleaning seriously, mine is is 6.4 footer, I hve never seen him do anything close to cleaning.. Except arrange his books over n over over n again..

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