Bits and pieces

It was difficult to think of a theme to write because life has just been a bitch and the adjustment phase is kicking my ass literally, testing both my physical and mental endurance. It seems to have accelerated the process of losing my flab, For the record, I have made a pact with my friend (VA) to lose weight by January 2013, and my dear one if you are reading this, you better keep up your end of it. So, before I register myself into the loony world, I need to write to feel a lil bit like myself. Please bear with me if my rants today sound all scattered, because honestly am living my life in bits and pieces. It is a long way to go before  I get my act together and arrange these bits and pieces in this jigsaw puzzle of life.

Here are some of my random musings :

The biggest enigma explained:  Having played the chief nurse in waiting for the past two weeks attending to  DH, he was  recuperating from his cough,fever and cold. Apparently if you live in Bengaluru, these are the three unwanted visitors you need to make peace with. Nevertheless, just kept appreciating the Lord above for having done the smartest thing ever. For having chosen the fairer sex for childbirth. I cannot fathom what  men would have done if they could not analyse anything that is happening to them. Leave alone living with it for nine months. Anyways, while DH  walks around like a drugged animal, all I am thinking is, seriously turmeric and milk. Yes, he was hoping he could beat a chronic infection with the concoction. Self heal is the concept he believes in  passionately and resists all medical interventions. He is on a crusade against the billion dollar industry of Pharma and modern medicine, While I would love to support the lone crusader when I have the time and energy but those are the two elusive and precious needs currently . After humoring him a while and getting myself sick in the process, I shoved antibiotics into him and he is fit as a fiddle now and hates me for it. Thank you God for choosing the women as always and while I have your attention, can I ever get to have a infection free weekend.

Shoes maketh a woman :  Now I get it,when someone says, the whole world is a stage and everyone is an actor. And guess what I have found to play my part better, Shoes, yes shoes, I have been lusting for them. Every kind of shoes..and all my life, I have never been a shoes person. Always choosing comfort over style, I have been the brand ambassador of Hawaii chappals, much to the dismay of people around me. However ,I have just realised that the only measurement that has been constant in my anatomy is the size of my foot.  I dont know if its the overdue gratitude I am showing them, but I just cant seem to get enough of these. High heels, stilletos, wedges, anything just throw them my way and each one transforms me into a Sonia , I never knew existed. Now I understand, why Cinderella needed her shoes.

Biggest enigma explained (Part 2)  –  Men can say the darndest things and I blame the movies and sitcoms which provide evidence to the contrary.  A  lesson of adulthood to jot down, Yes. men can tell you what you want to hear.. of things like I love you and I am dying to be your knight in shining whatever ( courtesy Grey’s anatomy) .  This phenomenon exists only in sitcoms and well rehearsed speeches. So save yourself a lot of heartache and deal with the fact that most men dont talk like that. They are the most inarticulate bunch when it comes to their emotions or their loved ones. They may not tell you how much they love you but wouldnt think twice to hold your hair while you are throwing up .

If you are in love, be prepared to write your script and be grateful  if  you get silence or monosyllables in return. I have been married  for so long that sometimes I get a yawn in return..and  I make peace( things we do for love). But yet, he is around when I am bawling like a baby for my family and friends. He doesn’t get it but what matters now ,is he makes an effort to understand and thats why I say, men say the darndest things. lol

Greys Anatomy :  Grey’s Anatomy season 1 was the much needed relief that I got over the weekends. What  I loved most was the most wonderful script, Words so eloquent, so well written,  I have always been about the words, and when they tug at my heartstrings or get my rusted grey cells ticking, I couldnt ask for more. It is like reading a beautiful book. All you have do is avoid the blood and gore. DH says that I have a thing for twisted love stories and emotionally unavailable people, sometimes he just rattles off things,but maybe thats true because I believe that  love definitely is by far the hardest thing to do.


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

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  2. Malini says:

    hmm, it’s getting spooky now. 1 more bizarre coincidence. The only sitcom I’ve ever watched is Grey’s Anatomy. So much that I watched 5 series in a period of a few weeks. 🙂

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