A requiem to a homemaker’s dream

Life is all about making choices and as we get older, the choices in life get complicated with each passing year.  Adult moments are never easy and sometimes choices are made for you through circumstances. Circumstances which wake you up from your slumber and force you to make an adult choice.A chance for a second inning  is rare and I am glad and grateful  for all the prayers that made it possible.Yes, I am back to being the tortured cubicle dweller and my life is being pitted against a ticking clock. Its hard to slot DH between my sleep,work and calls. Deliverables are a little more complicated now when compared to my  old life.  I miss the comfort of familiarity and leisure and pine for my friends and family. I miss my listless Monday mornings and endless hours with my plants.

Nevertheless, a new beginning in an old world ..The rat race hasnt changed much maybe has gone a bit more glamorous, or maybe it is the fact that I have turned a tad older to all the pretty young things comparitively. Nevertheless,  the first day of work after four years of sabbatical was overwhelming as expected. I couldnt believe I had a little place for myself in the outer world after years of denial. A comeback career, is what I have now and I feel vindicated, especially when I interviewed with conventional corporates who had reservations to hire women who came back to the workforce. My question to them always remained, How can a few years off nullify years of professional experience and accomplishments?. However, inspite of roadblocks, life did turn around the other way and can I say, it was my friends and family who kept me going and made this cause worth fighting for. In the end , it was all about resilience.

Well, it unneccesary to dwell on the past but life goes on and like in every transition, there is an adjustment phase that I am going through, of having so much  face time with people, of different views and opinions which would only be a part of my life through the written word. Reinventing myself in terms of skills is necessary  but I guess my tryst with entrepreneurship  honed my project, budget and people management skills. Though I develop cold feet sometimes, its always the decision of wearing the student or the leader hat. Let your emotional maturity decide the timing for the switch and lo and behold, everything falls into place magically.

It is said that we need to give to get. I am committed to give my time and effort but this time the effort will not be to get something in return.Its about  leveraging this opportunity to make my life as multidimensional as possible. Life needs to go beyond earning my bread and butter and my every effort will be towards making that possible. Been catching up with a lot of reading , while enjoying the annoyingly unpredictable Bengaluru weather. Hopefully by the next post, I am a bit more settled and I hope Bengaluru will bring the much needed sparkle to my writing.



About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

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  1. anoopsashi says:

    Welcome to the jungle!

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