20’s or the 30’s



Thirties are the new twenties” ,says DH who is desperately trying to comfort me and induce some excitement, while we are all set to make a big move to unfamiliar territories again. While I brushed aside his conversation calling it patronizing and stuck to my line of defence of “I am too old to move” and  “ I am too old to make new friends”, I stopped to reflect on  my journey from the roaring twenties to the fabulous thirties.  And I hate to admit, he actually could be spot-on especially with that line.(no I dint hear the rest of whatever he had to say-).

I remember staring at my feet when I turned thirty noticing those tiny  cracks on my feet, those white ugly lines,  My feet looked older  for some reason and I was afraid that age was catching up  from the other end. My  dear friend (FV) welcomed me into her box  and like, everything else in my life, held my hand through the transition. Without her, I dont think I would be able to appreciate the fabulousness of the third decade of my life.

Most of my twenties were spent with me living in La-la-land ala Calvin. The world in my head was a much interesting place to live in and I stayed in there as long as I could, Life kept happening to me and I kept dancing to its tunes. I stretched my adolescence quite a bit into my twenties and the young adult in me would always be in a  slumber mode.  No regrets  but here are some aspects which I think my thirties have blessed me with.

My inner circle –  I was a needy kid and a large number of siblings or friends could never satiate my neediness. Inspite of dissapointments and disasters, I am blessed to have found my inner circle who share my life  and above all get my eccentricities. By the time you are thirty, I guess one is  blessed with the  wisdom to sieve out friends from the acquaintances , friends who never turn their backs on you, friends who stand by you and above all, would be ready to take a bullet for you ..maybe not in their heart , but maybe a hand or a leg -) and that for me is more than what I could ask for. I have found my brood and fly we do, sometimes high and sometimes low, a chosen hiatus or a unhappy squabble but this we know, that we share the same feather and we belong together. (Applause Applause)

Wearing my Style  –   I have found my inner beauty.Yes, it fails to shine through the layers of visceral fat that I have accumulated on my waist or my jiggly arms over the past two decades. But nevertheless, it exists and my foray into my thirties actually  helped me notice it. I can now see the inner diva beyond the pudgy nose and my imperfections. I am no longer trying to fit in or blend into the enviroment by making safe choices or finding gunny bags to drown myself in. After a lot of trial and error, I know what looks good on me and what doesnt. I have found my style and the best accessory to go with it, my confidence.

Relationships –  I am no longer the centre of my universe and I actually accomodate people in my world. My thirties have seen me as a better friend, sister,daughter ,  wife and above all a better person. I have learnt that relationships are hard work and real maturity lies in sticking to your goals and loved ones, ironing out differences rather than abandoning them at the first pretext. I can figure out what I want in a relationship and ask for it within reason. I  dont hesitate to to say No even if I have to bid farewell to the Ms.Congeniality in me . Rejection of any kind (personal or social) fails to bother me and I dont beat myself  up or take responsibility for people who dont want to be a part of my world. Also I guess I can now fully appreciate the term “trying too hard” and know when I have to stop.

No more experimenting  – No more tripping or going high or low, I have found what I need to do to loosen up without getting into a pukefest or burning my lungs. No more being a rebel without a cause and trying to break boundaries, I have found what it takes and means to be a responsible adult and I am in charge of everything that is right for my mind, body and soul.

At the risk of sounding preachy, hell ya , I am old enough to dispense wisdom now, its goodbye to  that awkward period in my life and  hello to the best of me. While I am counting my blessings and doing my best to preserve my mojo both in my mind and body,Heres what  I realised, I probably should now let “Sonia” happen to my life and do all those things that I have been wanting to do for a long time . Maybe I will enter into my forties after having crossed all that is left on my bucket list. Will write about that some other time Now I am bored with this very long rant.


About Thumbelina81
A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

5 Responses to 20’s or the 30’s

  1. Vasavi Anand says:

    man!! i wish i cud get you rite now as my content writer/editor…but now i feel tht job is too low end for you….hats off to ur creativity….and language skills

    • soniaanoop says:

      Vasu babe, Thank you for taking time out to read and comment. You guys keep me going all the time. keep the position open for me, you never know when I ll shift my base to Hyd.

  2. Fawzia says:

    Nice one as usual, it’s just going to get better. 30’s are definitely better.. Your DH is right. I think 30’s is the sexiest age box. 20’s 40’s and so on are just going to be a drill, acheiving goals… 🙂 if u plan your 30’s right you will enjoy your 40’s….. Ok I need to finish 400pages… Buh bye now..

  3. tumpi says:

    Very well written! I agree…30’s are the new twenties and in another couple of years I will tell you that 40’s are the new twenties :). I think at any age the most important thing is to be with people you love…if you have that…any age will rock 🙂

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