Another one bites the dust

             I have always been a cynic when it comes to Indian politics and am not too optimistic with the promises of change or promises of a kilo of rice for a rupee. (Possible yes, the hoardings say so, but is it edible or how much does it cost the exchequer). Well, those are the tales that never get told. RTI or otherwise, lack of accountability and transparency are not the virtues assosciated with election campaigns. If you are an urban Indian like me, who has had the privelege of living through a few elections, you are familiar with the pattern of rays of hope rising just in time for the elections with promises of radical change and slowly but steadily dissappearing into oblivion as passionately as they had arrived. Well, I had dealt with such dissapointments before with a pinch of salt and never spared them a second thought.

Though jaded, I was not and am still unprepared to deal with the brouhaha of Team Anna announcing their own political party this week. Their manifesto says that they are going to provide a political alternative to the the corrupt political class. As Arvind kejriwal rattled out their yet to be named party manifesto, I could not help thinking Old wine in a freakin new bottle and I am not even sure this will taste better because all it did was leave a very bitter taste. Some thoughts that I hope I get to question Mr. Kejriwal and the grand old man behind the saga:

  • Was this the grand culmination of the “Anti corruption crusade” that was initiated a year ago. A year long drama of fighting the system by staying out of the system , breaking news worthy comments or critiques, frequent fasts ( or is it the secret of longevity, maybe you need to share a few tips with the other bearded man who wants to revolutionize politics by fasting)
  • How different was this emotion filled drama from the Rahul Gandhi UP Yatra, dining with the underpriveleged and closer home, the more popular “Odarpu Yatra” of our very own Jagan Mohan Reddy and his path breaking YS Congress Party.( There is a difference,they are much more congruent speakers and have more charisma than you do)
  • Was it worth unleashing the power of social media and appealing to all the urban Indians to spare time, fast for you, hold candle vigil’s for you just to build up to that grand moment when you pull the rabbit out of the hat and say,”We are one among them now but we promise we will be different?”

Their manifesto and how I perceived it :(for all I care)

  • We promise you wholesome entertainment, more media coverage and we promise each of our team members will emerge as the protagonists against corruption by fighting allegations against our integrity. We will provide you with facts and figures to show you how honest we have been so far and how important it is for you to trust your country’s future based on our only virtue. (Honesty)
  • If this does not keep you entertained, we will send our grand old man on prolonged fasts. After all he needs the limelight for being the lucky mascot for our team. He is too old to chair the party , we dont want to face the risks of a “Rosaiah’ equivalent but we need him and his quick wit and humour when we have nothing to say or do. After all the Ram Lila Maidan needs to be graced with herds of people ( pun intended) on alternate months and for sure someone will soon give him his share of coconut water or nimboo pani.
  • And thrown in is a free contest for you, Name our party, this will keep you engaged with our cause and probably soften the rude blow on your face for supporting us.

What an absolute dissapointment and loss of momentum for a brilliant cause!.  If Team Anna really needed support for a cause, they could have spared us the drama, stated their intent clearly and done what every nascent political party does a couple of years before the election.

At the risk of dissappointment, all my friends and family will continue to make the effort to vote, hoping that one day, we will be able to make the difference we hope for. As of now the only beacon of hope for me in the political scenario is the much intelligent, amazing orator, a man of his word (atleast so far) ,Mr. J.P. Narayan and LokSatta Party.if you dont know him, it might be worth knowing more about him.


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