The other side of Entrepreneurship..Life after Uttar Dakshin

Life at the helm of running a self financed entrepreneurial venture seemed so bright and starry. The overpowering confidence of having a brilliant business plan in the offing, succession of an already established business with very gratifying numbers. I rose to the challenge and said to myself , I have so many years of corporate experience under my belt , and If I made sense of all the madness then, with time, I ‘ll ace this one too.. but here’s what I did not foresee

Life as an entrepreneur is a constant battle of choices. My business or my life..and I am sure all first time entrepreneurs will reckon that the dividing line diminishes very soon with every passing month. Sleep turns out to be an elusive friend and all you do in your bed is think of numbers and the people who look up to you for their next month’s bread and butter. More often than not, I would lull myself to sleep with words from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

The “busy”ness of it all starts to hit you only when you catch yourself thinking about your business constantly. Television time, vacations or a mandatory visit to the spa purely for being presentable manage to send you off on a guilt trip for having spent time away from your business or making those important phone calls or managing your accounts. Of course things are a little easier when your life partner is your business partner but soon pillow talks are all about coping with the madness, trying to master the fine art of balancing the goals of the business and our personal goals .Being in the food business, we were constantly spending our holidays, weekends and every given day at our work place.

Being an entrepreneur is a full time job where you are paid in currencies of added responsibility, a full time degree in stretching every penny and resource as much as you can and loyalty if you are very lucky. Friends and family look onto you like you have started inhabiting an alien world. The subtext of all conversations seem to steer across the lines of “why go through all this trouble” for an extra buck especially when the demon of a probable failure is staring down at you. What no one understands is that the entrepreneur gets paid the last or remains unpaid for a long time to come. You cant blame them or hold them to emotional ransom because they have not put their whole lives at stake, “You did”.

Through all the madness, I managed to learn so many lessons , lessons which I would never have learnt with a full time MBA at any prestigious institute , I have become more open to the challenges of life, I have learnt to paddle vigorously underwater yet appear calm on the surface like a duck when unforeseen circumstances impacted the business. I developed perseverance and cultivated a sense of humor to laugh things off when things got out of control which did every other day. I learnt not to get carried away with the proverbial highs of the business nor get drowned in the lows of each tide. I learned to take each day as it comes . I learned that being a leader is very different from being a manager and even though I loved to do it all , there are times that I needed to be away from it to nurture my objectivity. Entrepreneurship becomes a passion and yes passion can be very blinding, and borders on obsession at times . The weight of your decision impacting so many lives brings you down at times but a true leader knows when to stop . Have come to terms with the fact that a small time player has to be part of a coterie to survive in a powerful organized sector swayed by regional biases.We strived to be autonomous and do things our way as long we lasted and there is an immense pride we attach to that. Yes , we traded a year of our lives for severe stress , frustration, wisdom and a helluva rollercoaster experience. But hearts of hearts , I know that we would do it all over again with these golden lessons , a much better network and most importantly a very unique product.


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A dreamer lost in this world. Part time Writer, Part time Gardener, A full time wife.

7 Responses to The other side of Entrepreneurship..Life after Uttar Dakshin

  1. lightningpen says:

    Hi, I love this piece as I dream sometimes of what it would be like to have run my own company! I love the underlying calm powerful controlled emotional responses that you have to have, because it implies you’re smarter than your circumstance! That quite frankly is really inspiring! Thank you for the follow! Keep the gears of inspiration turning endlessly and without worry!

  2. Saswata sen says:

    Great pece of literature. I am sure this experience shared are just a tip of the iceberg. Move on with lessons to achieve something bigger and better. All the best.

  3. sheela says:

    Those who show patience when they cannot obtain something, contentment when they achieve it, and fortitude when they lose it are those who have heedfulness.
    Don’t look regretfully upon the closed door..When one door closes,another door opens..

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